LIVFRESH is a dental company that focuses on teeth whitening. It sells several products that are each designed to whiten and brighten teeth to improve people’s smiles. All of the products are available for sale on LIVFRESH’s website.

In 2009, founder and CEO Amit Goswamy and his partners began to develop LIVFRESH’s teeth whitening and oral care solutions. As stated on their website, they “set out to invent an alternative — something that could provide close to a professional cleaning when we brush our teeth.”

In addition to offering teeth whitening solutions, LIVFRESH also puts a focus on gum health. On the company website, LIVFRESH says it spent millions of dollars and 10 years developing its teeth whitening products, which they say are also a “solution to preventing and treating plaque build-up.” LIVFRESH says that its products are 250% better at removing plaque than a market-leading toothpaste.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of LIVFRESH teeth whitening products.

Pros and Cons of LIVFRESH



Products Offered

LIVFRESH sells two types of products:

All of LIVFRESH’s products promise improved teeth color in a matter of months.


The mobile whitening system costs $130.00. For that cost, people get a total of 20 teeth whitening treatments. The dental gel costs $20 for what is essentially one tube of toothpaste, which is relatively expensive compared to some teeth whitening toothpastes on the market.

How It Works

The LIVFRESH mobile whitening system uses a series of pen applicators filled with what the company calls a “proprietary serum” to whiten and brighten teeth. Stored in a metal alloy pen, a brush applicator is used to apply the serum to teeth and whiten them. The serum needs to be applied daily and the process takes about 10 minutes each day to complete.

As mentioned, each mobile whitening system comes with 20 treatments. The serum used to whiten the teeth consists of “carbamide peroxide,” “hydrogen peroxide” and “potassium nitrate,” according to LIVFRESH. The system also uses a Blue LED Light mouthpiece to help remove tough stains. For on-the-go convenience, the mouthpiece connects to your smartphone.

LIVFRESH’s dental gel is used and applied the same as regular toothpaste.

The Bottom Line

LIVFRESH’s goal is to provide close to professional teeth whitening results with at-home treatments. While its teeth whitening products are relatively expensive, they are designed to be a premium tooth whitening experience.

For those who want to whiten their teeth with a system that’s convenient to use, LIVFRESH could be a good option. Its website includes many positive customer reviews, however there are few reviews of the products elsewhere on the Internet.

As you consider which teeth whitening kit is right for you, LIVFRESH is worth checking out.