glowup. Review

Tailored to your smile, glowup. specializes in at-home teeth whitening solutions that consider your level of teeth sensitivity, brushing habits, and diet. The company uses that information to create the fastest, safest, and most effective whitening solution for you.

Through glowup. you can expect to brighten your teeth by eight or more shades in only six days — a result that can last up to three months. With success stories from customers in over 22 countries worldwide and recognition in publications like Buzzfeed and Mashable, glowup. is becoming a notable teeth whitening company in the competitive $3.2 billion global industry.

Let’s dig into the details and take a closer look at glowup. teeth whitening treatments.

Pros and Cons of glowup. 



What Does glowup. Offer?

Setting itself apart from competitors, glowup. is one of the only companies to offer tailor-made teeth whitening solutions. To help glowup. create your custom formula, fill out a quick quiz on their website. This quiz asks about the current state of your teeth, your dietary habits, and other factors that could affect the whitening of your teeth.

Based on your answers, glowup. will recommend your ideal teeth whitening solution with the right ingredients for your teeth. In addition to this personalized element, glowup. also offers the choice between a 6-day kit and a bundle subscription that delivers refills to your home. A bundle subscription ensures you never run out of the necessary whitening products.

Plus, to speed up the whitening process by 50%, glowup. includes an LED light mouthpiece with their teeth whitening kits. This technology is the same technology you would find in standard, dentist-treated whitening — without the hefty price tag that comes with dentist treatments.

What’s Unique About glowup. Treatments?

With an emphasis on personalization, glowup. takes into account your teeth sensitivity, brushing habits, and dietary choices to provide you a custom whitening solution with the right formula for you. Additionally, all of the ingredients are vegan, made with natural ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

Who Is glowup. For?

The beauty of glowup. is that it can be used by anyone who wants a whiter smile. It can help remove tough food and drink stains, giving you a smile you’ll love showing off on Zoom calls and at special events. Plus, you don’t have to worry about cavities or sensitive teeth affecting your results, as glowup. accounts for such factors when preparing your personalized treatment.

How Do You Whiten Your Teeth With glowup. Treatments?

Whether you choose a six-day kit or a bundle subscription, you’ll be provided with a personalized whitening gel, a whitening light mouthpiece, and a phone adapter to power your mouthpiece.

The glowup. teeth whitening process has five simple steps:

  1. Brush your teeth, preferably with whitening toothpaste
  2. Apply the whitening gel onto the whitening light mouthpiece
  3. Plug the mouthpiece into your phone’s charging port
  4. Place the mouthpiece on your teeth for at least 5 minutes
  5. Once the time is up, rinse the mouthpiece and your mouth with water

By following these steps, you can expect to brighten your teeth by eight or more shades in as few as six days. Your results can last up to three months.


Because glowup.’s whitening solutions are personalized, there isn’t set pricing for everyone. Different people will pay more or less, depending on their specific formula. To give you an idea of pricing, the table below shows the cost for someone with moderate whitening needs and relatively healthy teeth:

ProductBundle Subscription6-Day Whitening Kit OnlyRefills Only
  • Whitening kit with LED light included

  • Flexible refill subscription
  • LED light with Apple/Android adapter

  • Whitening gel (3x)
  • For existing customers only

  • LED light not included
  • $30 upfront (plus $20/month after)
  • $60
  • $20/refill

If you intend to invest in your teeth for the long term, then signing up for a bundle subscription is the way to go. The bundle subscription also includes free shipping for life.

The Bottom Line

While many teeth whitening companies offer standardized kits, glowup. provides highly personalized at-home teeth whitening solutions. Plus, glowup. makes it easy to prioritize long-term teeth whitening with bundle subscriptions. For as little as $20/month, you can get professional-grade teeth whitening supplies delivered right to your doorstep.

Given all of these benefits, glowup. is worth considering as you compare the best teeth whitening kits.