GLO Science Review

Founded in 2009, GLO Science is a company famous for its blue light mouthpiece whitening solution — now called GLO Brilliant — which is a product you can use to get dentist-grade teeth whitening from the comfort of your own home.

GLO Brilliant quickly gathered steam for its ease of use and whitening power, having since been proven to whiten teeth better than strips, trays, and just about any other whitening system on the market. This effectiveness largely comes down to the expertise behind it, with the technology behind GLO being one-of-a-kind, registered with the FDA, and even being recognized with a Silver Edison Award for innovation.

The company has also used its success to donate to dental-related causes through its GLO Good Foundation. Specifically, the company donates 10% of its profits to provide free dental care to those in need and has helped over 4,000 people achieve healthier smiles.

What’s Unique about GLO Science?

GLO’s x-factor is its patented, FDA-approved technology, which largely relies on the power of Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) to provide fast and effective whitening treatment. This technology is actually the same as what’s found in many dentist-prescribed whitening treatments, just condensed into a more affordable, compact, at-home treatment.

Plus, you conveniently don’t have to deal with any uncomfortable trays, runny gels, or messy strips, as is so often the case when purchasing whitening products from other competitors in the space. With GLO, you can get away with just applying their no-drip hydrogen peroxide whitening gel directly onto your teeth for effective whitening.

Then, if you want to make your results even more pronounced, you can combine this whitening gel with their GLO Brilliant device, which uses the Guided Light Optics technology mentioned above to speed up your results.

This device can even be connected via Bluetooth to the GLO Whitening App on your phone for a greater degree of control.

Who Is GLO Science For?

There is no one specific type of person that is best suited for GLO. Rather, anyone who wants to safely whiten their teeth using dentist-grade technology stands to benefit from using GLO’s products.

GLO is even safe to use on crowns, bridges, veneers, and any other unnatural tooth surfaces, helping to remove surface stains and restore these surfaces to their original color.

How Do You Whiten Your Teeth with GLO Science?

A large part of GLO’s beauty is how easy its products are to use. To whiten your teeth with GLO, you simply follow these steps (as outlined on their site):

  1. Apply GLO Lip Treatment (optional).
  2. Pull cap off GLO Vial and squeeze a small bead of gel (1/2 pea size) onto applicator brush tip.
  3. Brush a thin layer of gel onto your top and bottom teeth (fronts only).
  4. Insert mouthpiece and tap button on Power Pack or in the GLO Whitening App (if using GLO Brilliant) to illuminate. The mouthpiece will turn off automatically when your 8 minutes are complete.
  5. Wait at least 20 minutes before eating and drinking after whitening.

For the best possible whitening results, GLO recommends completing 3 consecutive 8-minute applications each day for 7 days (or until desired results are achieved). Once you’ve achieved your desired level of whiteness, GLO then recommends maintaining it with 1 day of whitening each month, followed by another full whitening treatment (3 times/day for 7 days) after six months.

Additionally, you can better track your progress on the GLO Whitening App, which is available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. Beyond tracking your progress, you can also use the app to:


GLO’s newest generation of teeth whitening device is called the GLO Lit, which offers the exact same teeth whitening light and warming mouthpiece, as well as the same GLO Vial whitening gel as GLO’s first-generation device, GLO Brilliant, but introduces new Bluetooth capability to be able to work with the GLO Whitening App.

GLO Lit also charges faster than the GLO Brilliant (1 hour vs 4 hours) and has a built-in standard USB for charging instead of a regular USB port, eliminating any need for a USB cord or adapter.

The GLO Lit is less expensive at $149 than the GLO Brilliant, which has a price tag of $199. However, the GLO Brilliant does include more teeth whitening vials and a universal power cord & adapter.

You also benefit from free shipping (any GLO order over $49 qualifies you for free shipping), a 1-year warranty on devices and components, and a GLO Guarantee that offers you a full refund if within 30 days you’re not satisfied for any reason.


GLO brings a degree of craftsmanship and expertise to the world of teeth whitening that is unrivaled by competitors. Not only are all GLO products made in the USA, but to really give you an idea of the degree of quality that you can expect, you need only consider the fact that GLO has also been the recipient of 4 Thomas Edison Awards for innovation.

In addition to quality, GLO’s products are also incredibly simple to use. Whitening your teeth with GLO simply requires you to apply their non-sensitive whitening gel onto your teeth, pop in the blue light mouthpiece, and wait 20 minutes as you go about your business. That’s it!

And when you throw in niceties like free shipping over $49, a 1-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, there really is no better option when it comes to teeth whitening than GLO.