Student Loan Relief: Here Are the Companies That Can Help

If you’re a recent graduate struggling to repay your student loans, you certainly aren’t alone. Student loan debt is incredibly common, and it can be a huge financial burden for adults – even decades after graduation.

With high interest rates and big monthly payments, repaying your student loans can feel impossible. However, there are companies that offer relief and options to help make repayment more manageable.

You can refinance your loans to make repaying your debt easier. Check out the following companies that offer refinancing specifically for student debt.


Earnets offers anyone with student loan debt an impressive opportunity: the chance to refinance your loans at a lower interest rate and pick your monthly payment amount.

If you’re struggling to make your monthly payments, Earnest solves your problem entirely. You can refinance your federal or private student loans into a single low with a lower interest rate. When you refinance, you can also customize your loan payment and pick how much you pay.

With no fees of any kind, Earnest allows you to refinance your student loans at zero cost. You’ll only reap the benefits, like a potentially lower monthly payment and interest rate. There are also special perks for those who refinance with Earnest – you’ll have unemployment protection, exceptional customer service for any help you need, and flexibility. And refinancing with Earnest won’t affect your credit score, a fantastic perk for those with new or no credit history.

You can get an interest rate estimate in as little as 2 minutes. Interest rates can be as low as 2.49% for variable rates and 3.50% for fixed rates.

Laurel Road

With impressive customer ratings, trustworthy service, and a host of happy former students with better loan terms, Laurel Road is proving its value as a student loan refinancing option.

Laurel Road makes refinancing your student loans simple. You’ll enjoy total personalization throughout the process – you can save money with options like no origination fees, no prepayment penalties, support for both your financial knowledge, and discounts for setting up auto-pay.

In just a few minutes, you can get an interest rate quote, compare different loans and options, and see how you could make repayment easier.

If you’re looking for a lower interest rate and better loan terms, it’s time to consider Laurel Road. With interest ratings as low as 2.50% for variable rates and 3.50% for fixed rates, no fees to apply for or pay your loan, and special perks and flexibility for medical students and borrowers with economic hardship, Laurel Road can be a great solution.


With Credible, you can see the best offers from top lenders across the country. You can also choose how you’d like to refinance your student loans. Want to consolidate only a few loans? You can opt to consolidate or refinance some or all of your loans, and you can get prequalified to refinance in just minutes.

When you refinance with Credible, it’s an incredibly easy process. You can check out and compare interest rates and loan terms from up to 8 different lenders without affecting your credit score. Credible only needs you to fill out a simple form to show you all of the options you prequalify for. You’ll get actual rates based on your information, not estimates.

Credible even pairs you with a Client Success Team and an automated tool to make the transition to refinancing easy and effortless.

Refinancing loan interest rates start as low as 2.72% (variable) and 3.25% (fixed). There are no hidden fees or traditional fees when you refinance with Credible – you won’t have to pay origination or prepayment fees ever. And you can see your rate quote in as little as 2 minutes.

Splash Financial

A lower interest rate alone can save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your student loans. And when you refinance with Splash Financial, you might be able to dramatically decrease the interest rate you’re currently facing.

Splash Financial can help you refinance your student loans and get interest rates as low as 3.10% (variable) and 3.75% (fixed). That can spell huge savings as you work to repay your loans. With no hidden fees, you can instantly check rates with Splash Financial without affecting your credit score.

Using leading technology, Splash Financial helps former students make repayment simpler. You can find a new loan and better interest rate in under 3 minutes, and you won’t have to sacrifice anything at all. You can roll your multiple loans into one easy payment, one lender, and a lower rate.

And once you’ve refinanced with Splash Financial, the benefits don’t stop. With a high customer satisfaction rate of 95%, Splash Financial will help keep you happy with your new loan with stellar customer service, real concierge service, and some of the market’s leading rates.


Want to lower your monthly payments and your interest rate? With SoFi, you can do both when you refinance your student loans.

SoFi offers refinancing that allows you to score a potentially lower interest rate and different loan terms. You can take advantage of interest rates as low as 2.50% (variable) or 3.89% (fixed), and loan terms up to 20 years. Changing your loan term and lifetime could decrease your lower payments – and with a lower interest rate, you’ll save money all around.

Additionally, SoFi can pre-approve you for refinancing in as little as 2 minutes. You can rely on an easy-to-use loan calculator to estimate your rates and terms. SoFi customers are truly happy, giving this refinancing option a 98% recommendation rate.

Want to save even more? Unlike other lenders or refinancing options, SoFi gives its borrowers discounts on interest rates. Sign up for AutoPay and you could save money on your interest rate. You can get another 0.125% off your interest rate if you sign up for other SoFi loan products.