EverQuote Renters Insurance Review

Founded in 2011, EverQuote started as an online marketplace for car insurance. It has since expanded to offer much more to users. Now it can help users find quotes for a variety of insurance policy types, including renters, home, and life. After asking a few questions to learn about your coverage needs, EverQuote will recommend providers and display quotes for plans that meet your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the process of getting renters insurance with the help of EverQuote.

Pros and Cons of EverQuote



What Does EverQuote Offer?

Hunting down renters insurance can be a time-consuming task. That’s why a service like EverQuote can be so helpful. EverQuote partners with several insurance companies across the country to connect users with quotes for renters insurance policies that meet their needs.

The company states that their mission is to be the largest online source of insurance policies in the world. They aim to do this by using data and technology to make the entire process simpler. Using relevant data is a big part of how they try to stand out from the crowd by ensuring that everything is custom fit to the user’s specific insurance needs.

Additionally, the website offers articles to help users better understand the insurance industry as a whole. They also provide articles that cover more niche topics, including articles that explain how wildfires might affect the user’s insurance and how much renters insurance should cost based on where the user lives.

What To Expect on the Site

When you head to the EverQuote homepage, you should click on the button for renters insurance. You’ll then be taken through a straightforward online process. EverQuote will ask you to provide some basic personal information and answers to a few questions, including:

EverQuote will process your responses and quickly provide insurance quotes. Depending on where you live and your situation, EverQuote may be able to find multiple quotes from competing providers. The quotes are often available right away on the EverQuote website, but sometimes you’ll need to click through to the insurance provider’s website.

In terms of customer service, EverQuote can be reached by email and phone. If your concerns are more general, there’s also a helpful FAQ page.

Costs and Fees

EverQuote is a free service. They make money from consumer referrals to insurance companies. As a result, there’s no fee to use EverQuote to match with insurers and get quotes.

The Bottom Line

EverQuote could be a useful tool for those interested in simplifying the process of finding renters insurance. Their website is extremely easy to use and can help find insurance quotes quickly. EverQuote also provides helpful articles that can help you understand everything about renters insurance, from what it covers to how much it should cost. As you check out top renters insurance companies, EverQuote could be a good place to start.