Psychic Encounters Review


Founded in 2016, Psychic Encounters is an online psychic reading platform available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The platform offers a network of 250+ psychics, charges a flat fee regardless of the psychic, and allows you to receive readings via phone and live chat. Through its services, you can get answers relating to love and relationships, money and career, past lives, and many other areas.

Types of Readings

While Psychic Encounters doesn’t explicitly state what types of readings are offered through their psychics, you can simply search what you’re looking for to see what’s available.

This is because each psychic’s profile explains what specialties they offer, which can include love and relationships, money and career, past lives, and many others. So, when you search a term that connects with one of these specialties, you’re shown all of the psychics that offer that specialty.

Plus, when you first sign up, you’re automatically matched with psychics based on the information you provide. And as you would hope to see from a trustworthy online psychic service, Psychic Encounters’ advisors cannot answer health-related questions and are discouraged from answering legal or lottery-type questions.

Ways to Get a Reading

You can receive readings on Psychic Encounters via phone and live chat.

You can also download Psychic Encounters’ mobile app to get in touch more conveniently with psychics, get notified when your favorite readers are available, and access all of the features available on Psychic Encounters’ website.

Safety Features

It’s not clear what requirements psychics have to meet to be able to give readings on Psychic Encounters, but the platform employs a number of practices to help ensure the quality of its network.

For example, you can see each individual reader’s rating based on previous readings, as well as the total number of readings each reader has performed. This quickly gives you an idea of the trustworthiness of readers you’re considering.

In terms of privacy, Psychic Encounters acts as a middleman between you and the psychics you interact with, never sharing your private information with anyone.


Phone and chat readings are $0.99/minute or $1.99/minute for their Top Psychics (Top Psychics are indicated by a diamond symbol on their profile). This flat-fee pricing is very refreshing in the world of online psychic readings, where pricing usually changes depending on the psychic.

Because of this low flat fee, Psychic Encounters doesn’t offer a free trial.

To give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for a reading (assuming you’re getting a reading from a non-Top Psychic), see the prices below:

While these examples are in 10-minute blocks, you’re only charged for the time you spend talking with your psychic, meaning that if your reading was only seven minutes, you’re only charged for seven minutes.

And in terms of accepted payment methods, Psychic Encounters accept all major credit cards, gift cards, and PayPal.

The Verdict

Psychic Encounters brings to a world where we’re confined to our homes the ability to get guidance and answers at any time.

It would be nice if they listed exactly the types of readings offered, but regardless, through their quick signup process, diverse, 250+ psychic network, mobile accessibility, and flat-fee pricing structure, Psychic Encounters is undoubtedly one of the slickest, most affordable, and most accessible online psychic platforms on the market today.