PsychicCenter Review

PsychicCenter has been around for more than 20 years, and has earned a solid reputation thanks to hundreds of thousands of successful readings. Unlike its larger competitors, PsychicCenter has opted to brand itself as an intimate boutique service, rather than a huge and sprawling network. Customers also enjoy the chance to earn rewards that deliver fantastic value, and PsychicCenter uses a unique screening system that makes customer feedback a primary consideration in deciding which advisors and psychics to promote.

In a nutshell

Like many other online psychic networks, PsychicCenter requires new customers to go through a multi-step process to get a reading:

First, you will choose a psychic using filters related to price (per minute) and reading formats. By default, search results are listed in descending order by rating, with the top-rated psychics appearing at the top. You can read detailed bios of each psychic in the network, and some of the higher-rated psychics have even given interviews about the nature of their gifts and their psychic experience.

Next, customers will create an account. The registration process is quick, easy, and free, and comes with no obligation.

Finally, you will start your reading with the psychic of your choice. If your preferred psychic is not immediately available, you will be able to schedule a call-back for a later time.

All psychics in the PsychicCenter network are thoroughly pre-vetted based on actual user feedback, rather than an opaque internal screening process. Additionally, PsychicCenter offers what it calls “white glove service,” delivering a superior experience that prioritizes your enjoyment and entertainment above all else.

PsychicCenter also hosts a unique Astro Rewards program. Loyal, regular users can earn bonuses that equal 10% of their monthly spending. This gives customers an added incentive to continue connecting with their favorite psychics.

Pros and cons

Every psychic network does some things well while lacking somewhat in other areas. By nature, psychic readings are subjective. Thus, rather than considering individual pieces of user feedback, we consulted multiple reviews to identify trends cited by large numbers of actual users.

Here’s what we found for PsychicCenter’s pros:

On the other hand, PsychicCenter reviews tended to cite the following drawbacks:

It is worth noting that while many reviewers pointed to the relatively small size of the PsychicCenter advisor network as a drawback, this could also be considered a strength. Many other online psychic services host massive networks that include hundreds or even thousands of advisors. Sorting through all the options can be incredibly time-consuming, leading to frustration. PsychicCenter holds its psychics to higher standards and makes it easier for customers to find and connect with them.

The same could be said of PsychicCenter’s relatively narrow range of services. While this does limit customer options, it also inspires confidence. PsychicCenter is a boutique network with strong specializations. It excels at what it does, so if what it offers lines up with what you’re seeking, neither of the site’s two main drawbacks should faze you.

Is PsychicCenter trustworthy?

Based on reviews, testimonials, and direct comparisons of PsychicCenter and its competitors, PsychicCenter earns a thumbs-up for trustworthiness. Its user-generated rating system inspires confidence, and the small, intimate nature of its network is a fresh take on the prevailing industry standard of overwhelming customers with endless options.

Types of psychics and services

Customers can obtain readings in their choice of three formats:

As mentioned, PsychicCenter’s range of services and reading types is smaller than other networks, but it excels at what it offers. Customers can request reading types and topics that include:

Like other psychic networks, PsychicCenter uses a sliding system to determine advisor rates. Highly regarded and popular psychics tend to charge more, but you can find great deals on new advisors and psychics with a large number of excellent reviews if you dig a little. Top psychics and readers have thousands of reviews, which you can browse at your leisure to get a feel for a particular service provider before initiating a reading request.

What’s unique about PsychicCenter?

PsychicCenter offers quite a number of unique and fresh features rarely found in other psychic networks. Examples include:

Another note about the money-back guarantee: unlike some other networks, PsychicCenter will not review your refund request before making a final decision. If you end the session within five minutes, you will get a refund instantly and automatically, no matter what the reason for your dissatisfaction. Simply fill out an online form and your full fee will be refunded. The lone exception covers user-end technical glitches, which disqualify you for a refund.

The verdict

If you’re new to the world of online psychic readings, PsychicCenter is a great place to start thanks to its transparent policies that prioritize a positive customer experience. You won’t get mired down browsing hundreds of psychics’ profiles, and the company’s boutique feel is welcoming and refreshing.

PsychicCenter is a great option if you want advice related to love and relationships, astrology, life path questions, and mediumship. It is a specialized service provider with a strong reputation and great reviews.