Oranum Review

Oranum offers a live webcam platform that allows you to video chat with psychics and spiritual advisors without having to leave your home.

The platform’s many psychics offer horoscopes, dream interpretations, reiki healing, tarot card readings, meditation, clairvoyance, spell casting, and other types of readings, all with the aim to “help connect, inspire and empower the world’s spiritual community by bringing ancient knowledge to the digital age.”

Currently, Oranum features over 660,000 active customers and 1.1 million monthly sessions.

Types of Readings

Oranum’s reading variety is quite extensive and includes the following:

Within each of these reading categories are subcategories, making finding the exact type of reading you’re after even easier.

Other than reading type, you can also filter your search by language, rating score, time on site, and popularity.

Ways to Get a Reading

On Oranum, you can get a reading by tuning into a psychic’s live stream and asking them via chat or arranging a private chat for a more personal reading. If you opt for a private reading, you can expect to pay more (more on that in the pricing section below).

Safety Features

While there are no stated requirements that psychics must meet to be able to give readings on Oranum, Oranum does make clear that there are requirements. For example, psychics must submit documents to be approved, but it’s not made clear what these required documents are.

Additionally, there is an entire wiki site dedicated to explaining the rules that psychics must follow to remain active on the platform. For example, breaking any of the following major violations can result in psychics being permanently banned:

As a member, you can also visit Oranum’s blog site to learn about how to safely navigate online psychic readings.


Pricing is dictated by the psychic, meaning that there is no one set pricing. However, psychics can charge up to $5/minute.

As a member, you purchase credits, which can then be used in exchange for readings. And while many psychics offer free live streams, many also offer premium content that you have to subscribe to Fan Clubs to access.

These fan clubs cost credits to access. How much you pay to access these fan clubs is dictated by the psychic. Credits can be purchased in the following package options:

Signing up also gives you 9.99 in free credits.

The Verdict

Oranum offers one of the most diverse selections of readings available online, allowing people to find anything from Astrology to Numerology, to Sound Healing. In total, the platform offers over a dozen types of readings–each with its own subcategories.

You can also rely on psychics’ public ratings, which are left by members who have used them, to choose only reliable readers.

And while Oranum doesn’t really offer a free trial, it does provide 9.99 in free credits when you first sign up, allowing you to purchase a reading and test out the platform before investing your own money.