Keen Review

Keen is a large and popular online spiritual advisement network. The company celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019, and according to The World Bank, Keen is the world’s largest online psychic service and has served more than 43 million customers.

If you’re seeking a new psychic advisor, or if you’re thinking about trying out an online psychic for the first time, chances are your searches have found Keen. But is it trustworthy and reliable or just a bunch of hocus-pocus?

Let’s explore the details and weigh the pros and cons of Keen compared to its competitors.

In a nutshell

Like many other online psychic networks, Keen uses a three-step process to put clients in touch with spiritual advisors:

Reading formats include telephone conversations and live chats powered by a proprietary instant messaging system. Mobile users can also install the Keen app to access the network through their smartphones.
Keen counts more than 1,700 psychics and spiritual advisors in its vast network, and the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’re further protected by a policy that pledges to deposit a $25 credit in your user account no more than 72 hours after initiating a refund request.

Pros and cons

The following list of pros and cons was compiled from multiple authoritative sources that draw on the real experiences of actual customers. It summarizes general trends, both positive and negative, that speak to the overall Keen user experience.

Pros of the Keen network include:

On the downside, users cite the following drawbacks:

On the whole, Keen seems to generate more positives than negatives, with customer testimonials raving about the amazing gifts of many Keen psychics.

Is Keen trustworthy?

Independent reviews of Keen’s services are generally quite positive. The company has been around for more than 20 years, and has generated a large and loyal customer base that includes tens of millions of readings.

As with all online psychic services, it isn’t hard to find dissatisfied customers for whom predictions did not come true. It’s important to remember that psychic readings are subjective and even the most gifted psychics are never 100% accurate.

On the whole, Keen appears to be on the up-and-up. With a satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Types of psychics and services

Keen specializes in questions related to love, romance, and relationships. However, customers can also contact specialists who do readings on a complete range of other subjects including:

Keen’s psychics offer a wide range of talents and abilities, with a special emphasis on tarot card readings, astrology readings, spiritual readings, and general psychic readings.

Given its robust network, Keen also offers highly specialized, niche spiritual advisement services in ancient esoteric arts from both the Eastern and Western traditions. Examples of these services include:

Customers can also request special readings related to their pets, lost objects, lost and deceased loved ones, and virtually any other esoteric or spiritual topic you can imagine.

What’s unique about Keen?

One of the novel features of the Keen network is its large repository of articles and information. The Keen website hosts an encyclopedic library of articles on all kinds of spiritual advisement topics, which are categorized by subject for easy browsing.

Another aspect of the Keen system that has generated positive feedback is the network’s user-generated review system. Advisor ratings are crowdsourced, and based on real reviews written by actual customers. Thus, when you choose a highly rated psychic, you can be sure you’re matching up with someone other customers have had positive experiences with.

Keen also supports a unique call-back feature, which makes it much easier for customers to connect with preferred psychics. If your chosen advisor is not immediately available to talk or chat, you simply need to check a box beside the psychic’s name on their profile page. This will open a field indicating your timeframe for receiving a call-back, and the advisor will do everything in his or her power to honor your request within the allotted time.

The verdict

User reviews and a comparison of Keen’s services and pricing to its competitors suggest that the company provides unusually strong value for money. As with many other online psychic networks, Keen’s advisors charge on a sliding scale, with particularly gifted and highly rated psychics generating immense demand. These readers are more expensive, but many trustworthy options are available at all price points.

Keen is also one of the only online psychic networks that publishes actual customer feedback of its psychics. This level of transparency is rare and refreshing, and gives Keen a leg up on the other major online psychic service providers.

If you’re seeking guidance and insight on specific or general questions about love, money, your life path, or any other topic, Keen is a strong bet to deliver a positive and memorable experience.