Kasamba Review

For more than 20 years, Kasamba has been a leading provider of psychic services to customers seeking guidance and advice on life’s big questions. The company claims to have helped millions of people, and draws the psychics in its network from global ranks of talented mystics. These assets have helped Kasamba become one of the largest and most popular online psychic networks in the world today.

The Kasamba platform also supports many unique features, including options that allow customers to select psychics from various pricing tiers that fit their budgets. If you’re looking for advice on love and relationships, your career, your life path, lost loved ones, or if you want clarity about your future, you may be wondering whether Kasamba is worth a try. This review-style guide will help you maintain realistic expectations as you make an informed decision.

In a nutshell

The Kasamba network invites open-minded people with questions about general or specific aspects of their lives to contact them and arrange live or offline readings with a real psychic. Customers begin by choosing a general category that covers the nature of their query, which funnels your matches with specific advisors.

The next step covers Kasamba’s fast and easy signup process, during which you will create an account. During this phase, you will decide on a payment method. Kasamba supports three options:

If you decide to pay with your credit card, note that your card will be verified during the signup process. Your account will not be charged, but you will need to enter your credit card information so Kasamba can verify that your account is real. Nothing will be charged to your account until you complete a paid reading with a verified psychic. Customers are free to start chatting with psychics immediately after setting up their accounts.

Kasamba offers both online and offline sessions. Reading formats include:

Many users report very positive experiences with the instant messaging and email formats, as the written text allows you to go back and refer to the specifics of your conversation at any time.

Pros and cons

In compiling this list of pros and cons, we considered multiple sources that drew on large volumes of user-submitted reviews and experiences.

Time and time again, customers praised Kasamba for:

New customers can also take advantage of an enticing deal that will give you 50% off your first session.

Given the subjective and abstract nature of psychic readings, it’s inevitable that a service like Kasamba will have some drawbacks. In our research, customers tend to cite the following common complaints:

While the filtering options for psychics in the Kasamba network may be somewhat limited, the site does host detailed advisor profiles. You can read their bios, view their areas of expertise and psychic methods, browse customer reviews, and make your choice. If you’re looking to connect with a different psychic, you can also link directly to new advisors.

Is Kasamba trustworthy?

Unfortunately, the psychic network industry is rife with scam artists and services that do not deliver value for money. Kasamba has been around since 1999, and it has served millions of customers. It also has positive scores on Trustpilot, an authoritative, neutral third-party reviewer of exactly such consumer questions.

As of February 2020, 289 customers have reviewed Kasamba’s services on Trustpilot, with 54% rating their experience as “excellent” and another 9% calling it “great.” That adds up to a 63% success rate generating four-star and five-star reviews (on a five-star scale). For the world of psychic readings, that is very impressive.

Our verdict: Kasamba is as trustworthy as online psychic networks get.

Types of psychics and services

One of Kasamba’s strongest selling points is the incredible range of psychic talents and reading types it supports. Customers can choose the following types of psychic readings:

The service also supports special psychics for customers with pet-related questions.

Kasamba’s psychics also offer a stunning selection of psychic gifts, talents, and esoteric crafts. You can take advantage of:

The network’s long list of partner psychics also ensures that you have a great latitude of choice, no matter what type of reading you want.

What’s unique about Kasamba?

The sheer size and versatility of the psychics in the Kasamba network are second to none. You’ll have a very hard time finding a wider range of psychics, abilities, and reading types anywhere in the world, online or off.

Kasamba also maintains a blog, where experts and professionals discuss a wide range of fascinating topics related to extrasensory perception, mediumship, psychic readings, and advisor consultation. It’s a great information resource if you’re looking to expand your knowledge and understanding of psychic networks, ESP, and paranormal phenomena.

Finally, if you just didn’t connect with a particular psychic, or if you were unhappy with the quality of your reading, you can contact customer service within 72 hours to request a refund.

The verdict

All psychic networks have their controversies, but Kasamba seems more insulated from them than many of its competitors. Given its global spiritual focus and the incredible range of choice it offers at all price points, Kasamba is a great place to start if you’re looking to try a new psychic network.