California Psychics Review

Founded in 1995, California Psychics has connected millions of customers seeking life guidance and spiritual insights to talented and experienced psychics. The company offers telephone-based individual psychic readings that allow customers to pose specific, targeted questions regarding areas of their lives that need clarity or direction. Clients can get recommendations to specific psychics with the help of a customer service representative, or choose a psychic with abilities and areas of expertise that match the customer’s needs.

Does it work? Believers say yes.

Does it provide value for money? Use the following review to decide for yourself.

In a nutshell

California Psychics has an unusually long pedigree for the psychic reading industry. Its history spans more than a quarter of a century, and the company uses a rigorous screening process to select its psychics. Very few applicants are accepted to work for the company, which adds to its credibility.

Customers use a three-step system to arrange telephone-based psychic readings. First, they choose a psychic whose experience, psychic gifts, and expertise line up with the intent behind the client’s request. Customers then register by creating a free account, then arrange a time to speak to their chosen psychic directly.

California Psychics offers a tiered system for its psychics: popular, preferred, and premier. Each tier reflects different price points, and the company carefully monitors the performance of all its psychic partners. Those who ascend to the upper tiers have a history of providing deeper, more meaningful, and more accurate insights.

Payments are discreetly billed to the customer’s credit card account under a generic name. Customers must be 18 years of age or older to use California Psychics services.

Pros and cons

A comprehensive analysis of actual user reviews yielded the following positive trends:

On the downside, customers tended to critique California Psychics on the following grounds:

Is California Psychics trustworthy?

As of February 2020, California Psychics had nearly 150 validated reviews on Trustpilot, of which 32% rated the service as “excellent” and another 19% scored as “great.” That means 51% of customers were very happy with their California Psychics experience, which is an excellent rate for this notoriously subjective industry.

Types of psychics and services

The California Psychics network includes gifted readers whose psychic abilities cover every imaginable category. In addition to the ability to sign up for free daily horoscopes, customers can request readings on topics related to:

The network’s psychic partners work in the following esoteric areas:

Customers can also filter their options according to psychic abilities, with California Psychics supporting the following forms of extrasensory perception:

If a customer’s preferred psychic is not immediately available, you will be able to request a telephone appointment at the next convenient time.

Many reviews cited California Psychics’ rigorous screening procedure as a major asset. California Psychics uses a demanding four-stage application and review process, which is designed to ensure that only gifted new psychics who can prove their talents are able to earn the company’s certification. It also acts as an effective way to weed out applicants who may have the necessary psychic talents and insights, but are not fully committed to using their gifts to help others.

What’s unique about California Psychics?

Beyond its rigorous screening process, California Psychics offers several unique features that make it well worth a look:

California Psychics also recognizes that not every psychic is the right match for every customer or every type of reading. If you’re not having a positive experience during your reading, you can end the call at any time. Then, simply reach out to the customer service department within 24 hours and you will be matched with another psychic who might be a better fit.

Note that California Psychics cannot guarantee that the predictions made by its partner members will come true. However, the company does strive to provide all clients with enjoyable, entertaining, and strikingly accurate readings and experiences.

The verdict

By nature, psychic readings are highly subjective. Psychics also sometimes latch onto information that may seem insignificant or imprecise, only for later events to bring their impressions into full, accurate clarity. As such, no company that provides psychic readings can guarantee complete and total accuracy or customer satisfaction.

That said, California Psychics has a much higher-than-normal customer satisfaction rate. Everything about the way the company operates supports its credibility, and California Psychics has clearly gone to significant effort to create a reliable, authoritative network that has generated a large base of loyal, believing customers.

Our verdict: California Psychics appears as trustworthy as this industry gets, and its generous bonuses for first-time customers mean you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.