Ascent Review

Ascent offers private student loans to meet a variety of needs. They charge no loan fees and there are even options for those with poor credit or no co-signer. Flexible payment options are available, plus they offer cashback and discount options. Additionally, the company offers scholarships, Refer-a-Friend rewards, and a host of other benefits.

Ascent has been around since 2016 and has proven itself to be a reliable option for student loans. Let’s take a look at how the whole process works and some of the pros and cons of choosing Ascent for your student loans.

At a Glance

When you head to the Ascent website, you can immediately start the process of applying for a loan. There are just a few questions you’ll need to answer, including:

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire and agreed to a few terms, Ascent can show you a loan offer and rate to help you pay for your education.

What to Expect

Ascent offers several benefits that traditional student loan providers don’t. One of the big selling points here is that Ascent can offer you a loan based on your future income. If you don’t have a co-signer and you also don’t have a great credit history, you can leverage your future income based on the degree you’re pursuing. This option is available for upperclassmen.

Ascent loans work year by year. That means you can’t apply to pay for your entire education in one go. You’ll want to know what your yearly tuition is as well as how much financial aid or scholarships you’ll already be receiving.

Interest rates are specific to you based on the information that you provide. Your credit rating, the repayment options you select, whether you’re getting an undergraduate or graduate student loan all affect how your interest rates are going to work. For undergraduate student loans, the APR is between 2.69% and 12.98%. If you go for a fixed rate, you’re looking at a range of 3.58% to 14.50%. If you’re pursuing a graduate student loan, then your variable rate is 3.65% to 12.40% but the fixed rate is 4.62% to 13.54%.

Beyond that, you can use a co-signer if you have no credit history in order to qualify for a loan. If you’re denied a loan based on your own personal credit, they’ll actually offer this as an option right away which is helpful since not every potential lender would do that. You can also release your co-signer if you’ve made 24 consecutive on-time payments to prove your reliability.

In terms of repayments, they offer flexibility. Again, this depends on the type of loan that you have, but you’ll find that payment terms range from 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 12 years, 15 years, to even 20 years. And of course, there is a grace period after you graduate before repayments need to begin.

Although each loan from Ascent only covers one school year, you can keep applying for the duration of your entire education. Ascent loans can potentially cover your tuition and living expenses for your entire education in an amount of up to $200,000.




Ascent doesn’t charge you any fees when you go through the process of applying for a loan. They do charge a 5% late payment fee, which has a minimum value of $5 but a maximum value of $25. You have the option to set up an auto-pay straight from your bank account, though, to help avoid such a fee. They also offer an auto-pay discount.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a student loan that can cover all your tuition and living expenses even when you have poor credit, Ascent is well worth checking out. They offer flexible repayment options and you can qualify for loans based on the degree and job that you plan to have after graduation. As long as you meet the terms necessary to qualify for their loans, Ascent could be a good choice for a loan that covers your tuition and other expenses that come along with a school year.