Prudent Pet Review

Prudent Pet

Company Overview

Veterinary bills can be expensive and unexpected. For this reason, a growing number of pet owners are turning to insurance for their cats and dogs to help cover their animals’ medical bills and keep the cost of veterinarian bills down.

One company offering such pet insurance is Prudent Pet, an Illinois-based company that provides accident, wellness care, illness and preventive care insurance plans for dogs and cats. The company’s agents each have a background in veterinary care and can answer any insurance questions. They’re also the #1 rated pet insurance company on Trustpilot (4.7/5).

Prudent Pet also has an innovative AI claims process to immensely speed up the claim reimbursement time, nor does it work with an in-network system of veterinarians. This allows customers to keep their local veterinarian and use Prudent Pet to help offset the bills through insurance coverage. In this article, we look at the insurance provided by Prudent Pet and examine whether it makes sense to have it for your dog and/or cat.

What’s Covered

Pet insurance works in much the same way as health insurance for people. Prudent Pet’s insurance helps cover the costs whenever a cat or dog needs to see a veterinarian. Each month, customers of Prudent Pet pay a premium that allows them to seek out medical assistance for their dog or cat if they experience an illness or have an accident. Depending on the insurance plan, customers may have to pay a portion of the veterinarian bill themselves, with the rest of the cost reimbursed through a check or directly deposited into a bank account.

Prudent Pet insurance covers up to 90% of veterinary costs, and the coverage works with any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. and Canada. Pet owners also get to choose their reimbursement percentage, annual limit and deductible when signing up for a policy. Claims can easily be submitted by sending a veterinarian receipt along with Prudent Pet’s claim form via email, fax, or the company’s online pet portal. Insurance coverage from Prudent Pet includes the following:

The list of items covered is extensive and detailed. Other benefits of Prudent Pet’s insurance coverage include the following:

How It Works

Prudent Pet offers three insurance plans and optional coverage add-ons. The three core plans are Accident-Only, Essential, and Ultimate. The Accident-only coverage officially begins five days after a customer signs up for an insurance policy. The coverage coverage for the other two plans officially begins 14 days after the policy is purchased. None of Prudent Pet’s plans covers cosmetic changes, pre-existing conditions or costs related to breeding or the pregnancy of cats and dogs.

More comprehensive care can be achieved by signing up for Prudent Pet’s Wellness coverage. The wellness add-on coverage comes in three levels, “Low,” which includes eight preventive benefits such as dental cleaning, deworming and wellness exams, “Medium,” which has 9 preventive benefits, and High which includes 11 benefits.

People can sign up for a Prudent Pet insurance policy by visiting the company’s website and entering their pet’s name, breed, age and sex to get an accurate idea of how much a policy will cost, or calling and speaking with a sales agent.

Fees and Costs

In terms of costs, Prudent Pet offers multiple plans that can be customized based on available budgets and a pet’s needs. The cost of Prudent Pet’s coverage also varies based on a pet’s age and what breed of dog or cat they happen to be. But, in general, an Essential plan with a deductible of $250, a $10,000 coverage limit, and 90% reimbursement rate costs around $68.91 a month. That type of plan covers accidents, illnesses, and hereditary and congenital conditions for dogs and cats.

An accident-only plan that has a 90% reimbursement rate, a $250 deductible and a $10,000 coverage limit would cost around $30.32 a month. This type of plan only covers injuries resulting from accidents that occur after a policy is purchased. Wellness coverage add-ons for a Prudent Pet insurance policy cost an extra $11.95 per month for the Low level, $19.95 a month for the Medium level, and $29.95 per month for the High level coverage.

What’s Not Covered

Of course, not everything is covered by Prudent Pet. While insurance plans can be customized, none of the plans offered by the company cover pre-existing conditions. By pre-existing conditions, the company includes anything that occurs during the waiting period for insurance coverage to start. Cosmetic procedures such as ear cropping, tail docking and claw removal are also excluded from coverage, and no coverage is provided for costs associated with breeding or pregnancy.

In terms of pre-existing conditions, there is one caveat worth noting. Prudent Pet will make an exception to their pre-existing conditions rule if a pet has had a condition in the past but has been cured and been completely symptom free without treatment for a minimum of 180 days. If this is the case, then the condition will no longer be considered pre-existing and customers will be eligible to have coverage reinstated for that particular condition.



What Others Are Saying

Prudent Pet has some strong reviews online, with customers praising the company’s straight forward and quick claims process. Some customers quibble about having to pay costs upfront and then seek reimbursement from the company. However, most reviews are positive and assert that having insurance through Prudent Pet saved them money on veterinary bills.

The Bottom Line

Prudent Pet’s insurance coverage is a good option for dog and cat owners who visit a veterinarian more than a few times each year. Its 10% discount for a second pet makes Prudent Pet insurance ideal for owners of multiple pets, and many people appreciate the ability to customize their insurance plans.

At the end of the day, Prudent Pet provides peace of mind to dog and cat owners that they are covered if something unexpected happens to their dog or cat – whether an illness or accident. Knowing that they are protected no matter what happens with a pet makes the monthly premiums for insurance with Prudent Pet worth it for many people. People who feel they may benefit from having pet insurance, should consider Prudent Pet as an option.