Pets Best Review

Are you searching for a pet insurance provider with a wealth of experience and plenty of happy customers? Pets Best is one of the leaders in the industry. Since 2005, Pets Best has been offering pet insurance plans and policies. Although it’s still a relatively young company, Pets Best was among the very first pet insurance providers. As such, its services and number of policies are continuing to grow.

With policies designed around satisfying pet owners and pets’ needs, Pets Best offers a selection of insurance plans for needs like veterinary care, prescription medication, and exams and diagnostics. Pets Best focuses on helping pet owners prepare for unexpected vet bills. Therefore, the company’s policies can help offset those potentially high costs.

With flexible coverage options, quick and efficient reimbursement, and a dedicated 24/7 Pet Helpline, Pets Best is a thorough insurer.

Types of Insurance Available: Pets Best offers three different types of insurance policies: Essential, Plus, and Elite. Each includes a different level of coverage, with different limits, deductibles, and reimbursement percentages. Additionally, customers can choose to add on two optional wellness coverage packages.

Animals Covered: Only dogs and cats are eligible for coverage under Pets Best insurance policies. However, all domestic dogs and cats in the U.S. qualify – regardless of their breed or their age.

Great For: Pet owners whose pets are older in age, as well as anyone who’s looking for affordably priced pet insurance with in-depth coverage.



How Pets Best Policies Work

All Pets Best insurance options are centered around animals’ wellbeing. Because of this, Pets Best offers a range of coverage choices that can suit a number of different pets and their varying needs. While you can choose standard coverage, Pets Best also offers different, customizable options like wellness packages and plan levels that might be a good fit for your cat or dog.

There are three tiers of coverage and insurance plans:

  1. Essential, the basic coverage option.
  2. Plus, which includes upgrades from Essential.
  3. Elite, which is the maximum amount of coverage available.

Want less coverage or need a budget-friendly option? Pets Best does offer an accident only plan that covers trauma, poisoning, vehicle accidents, and other unexpected events and injuries. With prices starting under $10 per month for premiums, an accident only plan can be a financially smart choice.

All Pets Best plans have coverage limits of $5,000 except for the Elite plan, which is the topmost tier of coverage. Accident-only coverage has a higher limit of $10,000 per year, but costs can vary. Additionally, all three plans do include coverage for accidents, illnesses, emergency care, hereditary conditions, and prescription medication.

If you’d like, you can add one of two wellness plans to the different tiers. These wellness options can extend your pet’s coverage and potentially include needs that your pet can benefit from.

Policy Costs

Pets Best insurance policies vary in price. Because pet owners get to choose the details of their plan or policy, the monthly premium cost can change from person to person and pet to pet.

Factors like your location, chosen deductible, and chosen reimbursement level will shape your premium. The following are a few examples of what it costs to get a Pets Best plan for different pets at different ages:

To get an official quote based on your pet’s age, medical history, and location, you can contact Pets Best. Remember, premium costs can vary depending on many different factors, including the coverage and policy specifics you choose.

Filing a Claim

There are two different ways pet owners can get reimbursed for their pets’ medical expenses. You can pay for your pet’s veterinary care up front and submit a claim or you can choose to have Pets Best pay the bills.

To submit a claim, you’ll need to complete a claim form, gather original invoices that show itemized services and the amounts you paid, a proof of payment like a credit card receipt, and send that claim to Pets Best within 180 days of treatment. It can take anywhere from 25 to 40 days to receive reimbursement for your claims once they’ve been submitted.

If you’d like to have Pets Best handle your vet bills, you can choose a direct vet payment option. This allows Pets Best to take care of the costs. Although you may still be responsible for some portion of the bill, your veterinary costs will be paid and closed out much faster. Check to see if this option is available in your local area and with your Pets Best policy.


With a long history in the business, competitive prices, and an acceptance of older pets, Pets Best is a strong option for cat and dog owners looking for coverage for their furry family members.