Pawp Pet Insurance Review

Company Overview:

Pawp is a relative newcomer to the pet insurance industry and is trying to distinguish itself from more established pet insurers by offering a more affordable alternative that takes into consideration what pets and their owners truly need. To this end, for a flat monthly fee, Pawp provides around-the-clock (24/7) access to real veterinarians and what is essentially an emergency fund for urgent procedures for cats and dogs.

There are no extra costs for certain breeds, or denial of coverage because a pet is old. Pawp extends coverage to all cats and dogs regardless of their age or breed. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the details of Pawp’s insurance offerings


Pawp allows people to insure up to six cats and dogs on one plan. For a set monthly fee, pet owners are given a maximum $3,000 a year to cover one urgent / emergency care visit for their cats and dogs. Pawp customers also get access to an online veterinarian 24 hours a day, seven days a week for consultations. Almost all interactions with Pawp take place digitally through the company’s website and app.

Once signed up, customers can contact a veterinarian online in only a few minutes. The vet takes information from the pet owner and provides an initial assessment to determine whether the cat or dog needs emergency care. This digital assessment is aimed at reducing unnecessary in-person visits to a veterinary clinic, and to save pet owners money. If emergency treatment is needed, pet owners can take their cat or dog to any veterinary clinic in the United States and Pawp will pay the vet directly, up to a maximum of $3,000.

How It Works:

Pawp customers can create a pet health profile online for their dogs and cats. This online tool allows people to track their pet’s medical history, conditions, and gives them access to a range of blogs, resources, and other online information. If an emergency has been confirmed by one of Pawp’s online veterinarians, pet owners then take their beloved pet to a clinic immediately.
One nice feature of Pawp is that pet owners do not have to pay vet bills out-of-pocket and then get reimbursed by the pet insurer. Pawp pays vets directly, avoiding the need for customers to shell out money upfront and submit invoices and receipts for reimbursement. The only time a Pawp customer would be required to pay a vet bill upfront is if it is more than $3,000, or the veterinarian asks for an upfront deposit.

There are no deductibles with Pawp, and all emergency costs are covered up to $3,000 a year. Pawp insurance is subject to a five-day mandatory wait period before customers can access any insurance coverage. If a pet needs emergency care during the waiting period, owners will need to pay for the treatment themselves. This waiting period starts from the day a person signs up for coverage.

Fees and Costs:

Health insurance for dogs and cats can often cost hundreds of dollars a month, but Pawp’s pricing is simple and straightforward. The Pawp monthly cost is $19, which covers up to six cats and dogs. This could be any combination of six animals – say three cats and three dogs, for example, or two cats and four dogs. To cover more than six pets, you would simply open a new package at an additional $19 a month.

While the set monthly fee of $19 is inexpensive compared to most pet insurers on the market today, emergency veterinary visits are getting more expensive all the time and can sometimes exceed the $3,000 limit offered by Pawp. In these instances, Pawp customers are responsible for paying the difference and any additional charges that are incurred. Additionally, each pet is entitled to one round of emergency treatment per year, meaning customers will need to pay for any additional trips to the veterinarian themselves.

What’s Not Covered:

As mentioned, Pawp’s plan has no restrictions at all on the age, breed, location or medical history of a cat or dog. Usually, when looking for health insurance for dogs and cats, owners face large premiums or restrictions based on common medical conditions associated with certain breeds. Since Pawp pet insurance only covers cats and dogs, you’ll need to find alternative pet insurance plans if you want coverage for any other animals. All cats and dogs, up to a maximum of six, registered by a customer under the Pawp plan, will be collectively eligible for one emergency treatment per year. So, if you find that more than one pet needs treatments, you will be responsible for those costs.



What Others Are Saying:

Because Pawp is a new company, there are not a lot of online reviews just yet. However, the customer reviews seem generally positive. People seem to genuinely like that Pawp pays veterinarians directly and find that the $3,000 coverage is sufficient for many emergencies they encounter with their dog or cat. However, some customers take issue with the waiting period and stress that Pawp’s insurance coverage is strictly for emergencies involving pets. Pawp is not a traditional pet insurer that provides coverage for routine veterinary visits, vaccinations, or treatments.

The Bottom Line:

Pawp is essentially coverage for unexpected emergencies involving cats and dogs. At a flat fee of $19 per month, it is a good option for pet owners who have healthy cats or dogs but want insurance coverage if something unexpected happens with their pet. For more common health insurance coverage for pets with complex or chronic medical issues, a broader and more standard pet insurance provider might better meet those needs. People should also keep in mind that the $3,000 payout limit from Pawp may not be enough to cover all emergency veterinary care, and only cats and dogs can be covered by this insurance. Pawp is a good option for pet owners who don’t worry about ongoing care, but would like a rainy day fund for pet emergencies.