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We already know how expensive it can be when a member of the family needs emergency care. When it comes to our pets, the costs can easily rival that of a human visit to the hospital. In fact, surgery to remove foreign objects can run into the thousands. Fortunately, pet insurance has become easier than ever to sign up for and more affordable.

Figo Pet Insurance has made it simple to understand and to purchase insurance. Instead of confusing policy options, Figo has created straightforward insurance policies for pets. Once you learn how Figo works, you’ll be ready to decide if they’re the right option for you.

Pros and Cons of Figo Pet Insurance



What Does Figo Pet Insurance Offer?

Figo Pet Insurance offers three levels of coverage and a few add-ons that can be customized to suit your family’s budget. With policies starting at only $1.50 per day, Figo allows you to control your reimbursement level, deductible, and annual spending limit. Priding itself on making pet insurance “straightforward and simple,” each of Figo’s policies put you in control of your premium’s price tag.


Essential level coverage is no less comprehensive than the other levels, it simply has a lower spending limit. Figo’s essential policy provides base-level insurance with an annual spending limit of $5,000. Including treatment for behavioral issues and chronic conditions, the essential level offers powerup options that can add additional treatments.


The preferred level policy is Figo Pet Insurance’s most popular plan. In addition to covering everything in the essential plan, it raises the annual spending limit to $10,000. With an unlimited lifetime maximum benefit, the preferred policy stretches to cover pet ambulance coverage and hospitalization.


Ultimate is Figo’s top-level policy, and it offers an unlimited annual veterinary spending limit. The ultimate level provides the same coverage as both the essential and preferred levels, but it gives enough coverage to pay for any major illnesses or accidents.


Powerups are Figo’s version of add-ons, and they offer a few different options. The wellness powerup helps to cover vaccinations and routine visits that might otherwise not be covered. And the veterinary exam powerup expands coverage to include certain veterinary fees associated with care. There’s also an extra care powerup that can be added to any policy.

What To Expect on the Site

Since Figo strives to make pet insurance easy to understand, it makes sense that their website has a lot of useful information. In addition to an informative blog, a price comparison chart, and a calculator that lets you see the cost of standard vet procedures, Figo also has a fast quote generator.

Using only your zip code, your email address, and basic information about your pet, a personalized quote can be created in seconds. Once you’ve chosen your policy, Figo has a Pet Cloud app that allows you to manage your policy, your pet’s records, and lets you have 24/7 access to instant veterinary advice.


Figo clearly spells out their pricing structure and provides a comprehensive look at everything each coverage level includes. So, there are no surprises about how much your pet’s insurance will cost. And you get to choose the amount of coverage that your pet needs. Each choice you make will affect the pricing.

To give you an example, we’ve created examples of monthly premiums using a one-year-old male cat and a three-year-old mixed-breed dog.

Wellness Powerup
Exam Fees Powerup

What People Are Saying About Figo Pet Insurance

As of November 2021, Figo Pet Insurance carries a great Trustpilot rating. Figo’s current overall rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars. That rating is based on reviews from more than 700 customers:

Reviewers frequently comment on great customer service and the speed of claims processing.

The Bottom Line

Figo Pet Insurance makes a promise to keep the ins and outs of pet insurance as clear-cut as possible. Each of their three coverage levels can be customized to ensure that policies are affordable. You never know when your pet might become ill or have an accident, but pet insurance can help with expensive vet bills. Check out Figo as you consider top pet insurance providers.