Blueberry Pet Insurance Review

Founded in 2019, blueberry offers a marketplace through which you can find and compare all sorts of different insurance plans, including plans for pet insurance. Their marketplace uses a combination of AI and human expertise to automatically pair you with personalized plans.

The company is also a public benefit B corporation, meaning that blueberry meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Contributing to this certification is blueberry’s annual donation of 5% of its annual commission to charities chosen by its members.

What’s Covered by Blueberry?

Blueberry offers a marketplace for insurers and is not an insurer itself, making it difficult to say the exact coverage that can be secured through their service. There are also no stated deductible options, reimbursement percentages or annual limits.

However, given the size of blueberry’s marketplace, which includes over 170 different insurers, it’s safe to assume that you can expect to find most standard types of pet insurance coverage.

For example, one of blueberry’s insurers is Progressive, and Progressive offers the following coverage plans:

Progressive also offers deductibles ranging from $50 to $1,000, reimbursement ranges from 70% to 90% and an annual limit of either $5,000 or Unlimited.

How Do You Sign Up for Blueberry?

You don’t really sign up with blueberry per se; instead, after providing some very basic information (your ZIP code), blueberry directs you to an insurer where you then go through a complete signup process. The signup process depends on which insurer you choose from blueberry’s marketplace.

For those who prefer a guiding hand, you can also have one-on-one conversations with blueberry’s licensed expert agents before or during the signup process.

What’s Blueberry’s Process for Filing a Claim?

As we mentioned, blueberry isn’t an insurer itself. Therefore, you’re not going to be filing any claims through blueberry itself; you’re going to be filing your claims through whichever insurer you choose from their marketplace. Options from available insurers include filing claims by phone, email, or app.

How Much Does Blueberry Cost?

Using blueberry to find and compare pet insurance plans is completely free. You can only expect to pay when you secure an insurance plan through one of their specific insurers.

What you can expect to pay also depends on your location, deductible and reimbursement level, as well as your pet’s age and breed.


Blueberry cuts out all of the hard work in finding the best insurance plan for your specific situation. Instead of having to research specific insurers one by one, you can automatically get paired with multiple insurers offering exactly what you need and be able to compare them at a glance. With a marketplace consisting of over 170 insurers, you’re bound to find the right plan, no matter what your needs are.

And with blueberry being a public benefit B corporation and donating 5% of its annual commission to charities chosen by its members, you can use blueberry knowing that you’re contributing to an environmentally conscious, accountable, and transparent company.

At the very least, you can take the few seconds it takes to sign up for blueberry for free and see what pet insurance options are available to you and your furry friend.