Allstate Pet Insurance Review

While you might think of home and car insurance when you hear Allstate, you’ll see in this Allstate pet insurance review that the company is a full-suite provider that also covers dogs and cats. Allstate’s pet insurance is through its affiliate Embrace. So, when you choose Allstate pet insurance, you’ll work with an Allstate agent to get a policy written by Embrace.

Allstate provides total coverage policies that cover both accidents and illnesses or partial coverage policies that only cover accidents. You also have the option to tack on extra coverage like the Wellness Rewards plan. This optional coverage is for routine care such as annual checkups, vaccinations, and dental cleanings.

To help you decide if Allstate is right for you and your pet, let’s take a closer look at the details.

Pros and Cons of Allstate Pet Insurance



What Does Allstate Pet Insurance Offer?

As wonderful as having a pet can be, plenty of costs can come with owning a pet. While there are the cumulative costs of things like food and toys, it’s often unexpected medical costs that throw people for a loop.

For example, learning that your family pet has cancer is more than heartbreaking. It also means making tough decisions about expensive care. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can cost thousands of dollars. When you consider that sometimes treatment requires multiple rounds of chemotherapy or radiation, it’s easy to see how costs can quickly rack up.

Fortunately, pet insurance provides peace of mind. Allstate offers two main options: an accident and illness plan or an accident-only plan. In this Allstate pet insurance review, we’ll also touch on the optional wellness plan.

Accident and Illness Plan

With accident and illness insurance, you can take some solace in the fact that many medical costs are covered:

As Allstate puts it, this is nose-to-tail comprehensive coverage for your pet. But there are more levels of coverage available.

Accident-Only Plan

On the other hand, Allstate has accidents-only insurance to consider. It covers:

Wellness Rewards Add-On Plan

If you’re interested in a policy that covers routine care, then Allstate’s Wellness Rewards plan is worth checking out. It provides coverage for wellness and routine care:

What’s Not Covered?

To fully understand pet insurance, it’s also important to get a clear picture of what’s typically not covered. With this in mind, Allstate points out that it generally doesn’t cover the following:

What To Expect on the Site

The process begins with getting an online quote from Allstate. But before starting your application, it’s a good idea to establish your pet’s eligibility. In order to qualify for a new health insurance policy, your pet needs to be under the age of 14 and have no pre-existing conditions. However, older pets may qualify for partial coverage through an accident-only plan. Allstate doesn’t have any breed exclusions.

Once you determine your pet’s eligibility, Allstate makes it incredibly easy to get a quote on its website. Click on the “Get a quote” button to begin filling in the Allstate/Embrace application. As mentioned earlier in our Allstate pet insurance review, Embrace writes Allstate’s pet insurance policies. This application asks for pertinent information, including your pet’s:

After that, Allstate asks for your email address and phone number. Finally, once you select a policy, your pet’s coverage kicks in after a waiting period. But don’t worry, Allstate tells you the exact date your coverage begins. So, there’s no guesswork.


How much you pay for your Allstate pet insurance policy depends on several factors, including your pet’s:

Generally speaking, older pets are more expensive to cover than younger pets. And some breeds are more predisposed to health problems, so coverage can be more expensive. As with any insurance plan, your deductible and coverage limit also affects the price. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost. And the higher the coverage limit, the higher the price. Additionally, an accident-only plan is cheaper than an accident and illness plan.

In order to give you an idea of how much Allstate pet insurance costs, let’s dig into an example. So, in this hypothetical, you have a small (11-30 lbs.) mixed-breed five-year-old dog. For accident and illness coverage, a quote of $36.64 per month is generated. This particular plan features:

Average monthly premiums generally range from $15 to $40. It’s also worth noting that Allstate offers a 10% multi-pet discount.

The Bottom Line

Allstate’s pet insurance offers the best of both worlds: a streamlined, digital application process and the variety of coverage options you expect from a brand like Allstate. While you need to complete an application to get detailed information about plans and pricing, you can count on Allstate to outline everything from the coverage start date to available discounts before you commit.

All in all, Allstate should be on your radar as you compare the best pet insurance providers.