Agile Pet Insurance Review

Agile Life Insurance offers, among other types of policies, pet insurance policies underwritten by Aspen America Insurance Company to customers all throughout the United States. Their pet insurance plan, called Companion Protect™, covers a wide range of accidents and illnesses for both cats and dogs, offering up to $100,000 in yearly coverage with quick claim turnarounds and no waiting periods.

What’s Covered by Agile Pet Insurance?

With Companion Protect™, you can get coverage of up to $100,000 per year for dozens of common pet accidents and illnesses, including:

In this list are a number of accidents and illnesses not typically covered by other pet insurance providers, including coverage for mouth and tooth injuries, ear infections, hip dysplasia, and others. And while the list above contains those accidents and illnesses specifically listed to be covered by Agile, the company claims that customers can expect coverage for others not listed; it’s worth contacting them to see if your pet’s specific condition is covered.

It’s important to note, however, that Agile doesn’t offer coverage for wellness or preventive care. Pets must also be at least eight weeks old and a maximum of 25 years old to be eligible for coverage.

How Do You Sign Up for Agile Pet Insurance?

Signing up for Agile can be completed in a matter of minutes. The signup process simply consists of providing your:

After providing this information, Agile will let you know if there is pet insurance available in your area and connect you with a licensed agent to sort out the details.

What Is Agile’s Process for Filing a Claim?

After signing up for coverage, you can expect to be covered right away with no waiting period.

Whenever your pet is injured in a way that is covered by your policy, you simply have to get treatment for your pet (there are no limits on which vets you can use) and then file a claim through their online portal or by phone with a representative. You’ll then get reimbursed within three to five business days of filing your claim.

There are also no lifetime benefit limits or strict per-incident limits to worry about, giving you more freedom to quickly get your companion the treatment he or she needs without any hesitation. You do, however, need to get approval from Agile before pursuing treatment that will cost more than $2,500.

Additionally, for most services, you can expect a $100 deductible and 80% reimbursement.

How Much Does Agile Pet Insurance Cost?

There is not one set pricing for pet insurance through Agile. This is because pricing comes down to your specific situation.

One major factor affecting what you pay is whether you have a cat or a dog, with dogs being considerably more expensive than cats. While Agile claims on their website that you can expect rates as low as $23.99 per month, dog owners can expect to pay more..

While this may seem slightly higher than some of Agile’s competitors, the company offers a number of discounts to help make their coverage more accessible. For example, they offer 15% off to:

Also saving you money is the fact that Agile doesn’t increase premiums as your pet gets older – a rarity among pet insurance providers.


For those looking for reliable pet insurance for their dogs or cats with no waiting periods, fast claim turnarounds and up to $100,000 in yearly coverage, Agile Pet Insurance is a great choice. With no per-incident limits or restrictions on which vets you can use, you can rest assured knowing that, if your companion experiences a covered injury, you can get them the immediate coverage they need without any hesitation or financial worry on your part.