5 Reasons Every Pet Owner Needs Pet Insurance

Welcoming a pet into your home and your family is so exciting. But there’s one detail many people don’t consider when they get a pet: how much it’s going to cost to care for your new furry friend.

Pet insurance is a fantastic option for anyone who’s looking to cut the costs that can come with caring for a cat or dog. A pet insurance policy can offer peace of mind and help you save money.

But these aren’t the only benefits of pet insurance. If you’re considering buying pet insurance, here are five reasons it’s a smart choice for every pet owner.

1. You Won’t Have to Sacrifice Your Pet’s Care Because It’s Too Expensive

One of the toughest decisions pet owners can face is whether or not they can afford the medical care their pet needs.

When your pet develops a life-threatening condition or needs emergency medical care, you could suddenly face thousands of dollars in vet bills. And if you can’t afford that, you may have to make the painful decision to sacrifice either your savings or your pet’s health.

Pet insurance protects you from this. When you’re covered by a pet insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about emergency surgeries or expensive vet care. You can make the decisions you need about your pet’s health without financial worry. Pet insurance will reimburse you for some, if not all, of your costs.

Additionally, veterinary visits are only getting more expensive. Even a regular visit to the vet can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. Pet insurance will keep your costs under control. You’ll have the flexibility and freedom to keep your pet healthy without sacrificing your entire bank account.

2. You Can Choose Your Veterinarian

Just like your very own doctor, your pet’s vet is very important. You chose your vet because you trusted their care and expertise – and when you sign up for pet insurance, you don’t need to worry about losing your pet’s beloved vet.

Unlike human health insurance, which often requires you to choose an in-network provider preferred by your insurance company, pet insurance offers you freedom. You’re able to visit any veterinarian. You can continue seeing the same vet you’ve had for years, or you can choose a new vet anytime you’d like.

3. Accidents and Unexpected Illnesses Can Happen at Any Time

No matter how careful you are with your pet’s health, accidents and unexpected illnesses can happen. And they often strike when you’re least expecting it.

Anything can happen, and when it does, it can be costly. If your pet suddenly has an accident and is injured, like a torn ligament or ingesting something dangerous, you could face thousands in vet bills. And if your pet develops a serious medical condition like cancer or heart disease, you’ll be looking at many expensive treatments and medications.

However, with a pet insurance policy, you don’t have to panic or worry. You can focus on restoring your pet to perfect health and setting up the treatments, procedures, and care they need – all without worrying about how you’ll pay for it.

Pet insurance protects you and your pet and offers peace of mind. You’ll be able to rely on your pet insurance policy to help with the costs of your pet’s care. And you can get your pet the help they need immediately, knowing you’ll be reimbursed ASAP.

4. You’ll Save Money Over Time

While pet insurance does require a financial investment, it isn’t as expensive as it might seem. In fact, pet insurance can actually save you money in the long run.

Pet insurance plans will require you to pay a monthly premium and an annual deductible. Beyond these costs, any procedures or vet care that your plan covers will be reimbursed.

While that might not seem like big savings, it can really add up. Veterinary visits and care can be extremely costly. A simple office visit can cost between $70 and $150 – and that’s just for a checkup. If your pet needs testing, surgery, or routine treatment, your bill could skyrocket.

Paying a small monthly fee for pet insurance can save you a ton of money. That monthly premium price will be your protection against larger bills totaling thousands.

5. Pet Insurance Is Affordable

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, pet insurance doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, as mentioned above, it can be a financially savvy – and affordable – investment.

In addition to saving you money on veterinary bills and surprise pet medical expenses, your monthly premium costs can be quite cheap. According to Canine Journal, you could pay as little as $31.30 per month to insure your dog.

And as your cat or dog ages, you’ll be able to keep your costs within budget. While your premiums might increase, the procedures and care your older pet needs can be included in that more extensive coverage.

Ultimately, pet insurance prepares you to protect your pet’s health. And it also offers great financial support for you. There’s no reason to worry about caring for your cat or dog, and no reason you need to fret about expensive vet care. You can earn peace of mind and lower your costs with a pet insurance policy.