OnPay Review

In order to meet the needs of American small businesses, OnPay’s scalable suite of payroll services is affordable. OnPay is an online solution that leverages the convenience, reliability, and cost advantages of cloud computing. As a result, OnPay has won enthusiastic praise from its loyal following.

So, why should you consider OnPay? In this review, we’ll answer that question and dig into the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of OnPay



What Does OnPay Offer?

OnPay’s goal is to make the payroll process convenient and efficient. With this in mind, it offers a common set of core features:

OnPay is now available in all 50 U.S. states, and businesses whose operations cross multiple jurisdictions can run payrolls in multiple states at the same time. Furthermore, users have the ability to order more than 40 different types of customizable payroll reports. So, it’s easy to obtain deep, impactful financial insights into your company’s labor costs.

Universal Features

Looking at the big picture, here’s a complete breakdown of everything OnPay does by default:

Finally, OnPay is optimized for use with mobile and handheld technologies, and the system easily syncs up with a long list of popular time tracking and accounting applications.

Industry-Specific Features

Beyond its core features, OnPay also offers many different industry-specific functions, which are accessible at no extra cost. These cover:

Users can also assign and delegate tasks to different staff members with ease, thanks to six different permissions levels. This allows companies to customize access and information visibility to protect privacy and organizational security.


While OnPay is primarily branded as an affordable, scalable payroll solution for small businesses, it also adapts well to mid-sized businesses and enterprise environments. OnPay can scale up to accommodate organizations with 500 employees or more, all at pricing levels that rank among the most affordable in the industry.

As of March 2021, OnPay’s pricing breaks down as follows:

These policies make it easy to predict and control costs, and the transparency has built a great deal of goodwill with customers.

Here are the only real bits of fine print to consider:

What People Are Saying About OnPay 

As of March 2021, OnPay has an excellent Trustpilot rating. Based on customer reviews, OnPay is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars:

The Bottom Line

With ease of scalability and industry-specific features, OnPay is an especially good option for smaller businesses. Since it seeks to maximize the value of investing in payroll software, OnPay is an affordable solution for cash-strapped companies.

So, as you compare the best payroll software, OnPay is well worth considering.