Cerebral Review

Good mental health is important during the best of times. But this year, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health is especially important. However, seeing a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist in the current environment is difficult for many people. Fortunately, Cerebral telemedicine provides a safe and efficient way for people to connect with mental health professionals online and get the help they need from the comfort of home. In this article we explain how Cerebral’s online therapy works, what it costs and look at which people are likely to benefit the most from the service.

How It Works:

Essentially, Cerebral is an online mental health service that connects patients with comprehensive virtual care and for anxiety, depression and insomnia. The company will also provide patients with evidence-based therapeutic techniques that can maximize the success of their various treatment plans. Cerebral connects people with Board-certified psychiatrists who can diagnose and treat anxiety, depression and insomnia and prescribe medication for these mental health issues. The company operates by putting customers on a monthly subscription / payment plan.

The telemedicine model employed by Cerebral gives people the ability to schedule virtual visits for therapy or counseling whenever it is convenient for them. The Cerebral approach aims to address factors such as cost, convenience and fear of judgment that can prevent people from accessing the mental health system. The virtual model provides flexibility that’s perfect for most people, especially when sheltering at home. Customers of Cerebral need to be at least 18 years old and live in a state where Cerebral currently operates, which includes most of the continental U.S.

Cerebral is led by mental health professionals and it’s clear that they take pride in the fact that they hand-select their team of board-certified psychiatrists, physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. To access Cerebral, just take the following steps:

Additionally, a “Care Counselor” meets with customers once a month to discuss their progress and teach new skills, like effective mindfulness and grounding to help alleviate anxiety. The provider is typically the psychiatrist who does an initial consult and helps with any treatment and medication plans. The Care Counselor meets with customers each month to discuss how treatment is going, provide new skills and talk about how medication is working.

Plans and Costs:

Cerebral offers three subscription plans that each have different pricing. They are as follows:

What Cerebral Is Not:

Cerebral is largely focused on treating the niche areas of anxiety, depression and insomnia. The company would not be the right choice for people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, have
substance abuse issues, Schizophrenia, or are pregnant or nursing a baby. The company is focused on long-term treatment plans to address mental health problems. People in serious emotional distress or who are having suicidal thoughts should call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

It’s also important to know that any medications prescribed will be the generic versions, which are cheaper than brand name prescription drugs. Also, customers cannot use their health insurance with Cerebral. The company does not work one-on-one with insurance providers, and they’re not currently in-network for any insurers.



What Others Are Saying:

Cerebral has several impressive reviews online, including one from New York Magazine that declares the company to be the “Best online service for mental health.” Customer reviews are also generally positive, with people focusing on the ease of use and convenience of Cerebral’s totally virtual, online platform. People seem to like the fact that they can access a therapist or psychiatrist on their own time from the comfort of their home. The reviews of Cerebral are overwhelmingly positive.

The Bottom Line:

Cerebral is not the right choice for all mental health concerns. The company is focused exclusively on anxiety, depression, and insomnia. People with other more severe problems should seek help elsewhere from another medical provider. But for people who want regular mental health support that they can access on their own time from home, Cerebral is a great option. The flexible plans and costs are also attractive and should appeal to people who need help with mental health and who are also budget conscious. Visit Cerebral to learn more.