SteadyMD Review

No one likes sitting in a potentially crowded waiting room with other people who may be sick to get face time with a physician. Now more than ever, people are concerned about this kind of exposure, and also, it's just hard to make time in our busy schedules to fit in a doctor's appointment at a specific time. SteadyMD allows you to flip the script and meet with a physician over the phone or by video call. This setup is much more flexible and doesn’t require you to leave the comfort of your own home.

At a Glance

Like many telemedicine sites, SteadyMD is a membership-based service that provides video consultations with doctors. Unlimited instant messaging also allows for easy access to skilled physicians who can address any medical concerns you may have. Doctors who work with SteadyMD are available in a variety of specializations and can handle concerns relating to diet, lifestyles, and common medical conditions.

When you meet with a doctor after signing up, you'll go over such things as:

SteadyMD is very much like a cross between traditional telemedicine services and what is known as a concierge doctor. While concierge medicine, which involves keeping a physician on retainer, can cost several thousand dollars per year, the cost is substantially less with SteadyMD. It also enables you to partner with a doctor who is more suited to your specific needs, rather than having to settle for one who just happens to be local.

What to Expect

Unlike some telemedicine services, SteadyMD differentiates itself by matching you with a primary care physician. That's what the ‘steady’ part of the name SteadyMD refers to. This primary care physician will be the same doctor that you deal with for any subsequent visits. This allows you to develop a rapport with your doctor. Plus, you won't have to go through the process of detailing your specific health concerns each and every time you need to consult a doctor.

Once you’ve been paired with your doctor, wait times are typically short. You'll be able to follow up with your physician for any issues you may have in 24 hours or less. This is a much shorter wait period than most people experience when waiting to see their current family doctor for non-emergency situations.

Pros and Cons

Because SteadyMD matches you with a specific physician for the long term, it’s set apart from traditional telemedicine services. Still, there are a couple of potential drawbacks to consider in addition to the pros.




SteadyMD offers a variety of plans to meet your specific medical needs. An individual plan is $99 while what they call a functional medicine plan is $199. The individual plan matches you with your specific, dedicated doctor. You’ll then have an initial 1-hour appointment, plus unlimited follow-ups and consultations after that. Anytime you require things like specialist care, imaging, or blood work, your SteadyMD doctor will be able to handle the paperwork and referrals to the appropriate facilities. There's also a family plan that covers you and your spouse or children. Family plans start at $178.

The functional medicine plan allows for a longer initial appointment of 90 minutes and includes a plan to monitor your overall health. This plan is designed for those who have chronic health concerns such as long-term illnesses, or even athletes who want to keep on top of their general health and need a physician to track such things for them.

The Bottom Line

SteadyMD really is a new innovation in the field of telemedicine. In addition to being paired with a specific online doctor who can get to know you over time, you can also have labs done and prescriptions filled out. It can offer peace of mind since it connects you with a doctor who can monitor your health concerns 24 hours a day, anywhere in the country, whenever you need them for medical concerns. In a lot of ways, SteadyMD is like having an on-demand physician whenever you need them.