Sherpaa Review

Sherpaa offers an alternative to the traditional primary or urgent care that many of us are used to. It eliminates hassles like wait times and advance scheduling—and even the concerns you may have in these uncertain times about having to leave your home to visit a doctor’s office or medical center. It’s a way to consult with doctors on a variety of health concerns from your own home.

At a Glance

Sherpaa matches you with a doctor who can help you treat and care for more than 1,500 medical issues. Sherpaa doctors can also order tests, order and interpret blood work and medical imaging results, as well as prescribe and refill medications. Sherpaa offers a full range of services you might expect from an in-person primary care physician.

Sherpaa is able to help with many issues, including:

What to Expect

Once you’ve signed up for the service, you can create what Sherpaa calls an ‘episode of care.’ Each episode of care will relate to whatever your specific health concern is at that moment. Your doctor will follow you from the moment you've created this episode of care until the issue is resolved. That means if you are consulting on an issue that takes weeks or longer, they will track you as the condition progresses.

After you relay your concern, a doctor will get in touch with you quickly. The doctor will ask questions related to your problem and if necessary, they can order tests and prescribe medication right away for you. In general, you can expect this is going to happen much more quickly than if you had to see a physician in person, which is one of the big selling points for using the service.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to using Sherpaa. However, since you are probably accustomed to meeting in person with physicians, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of using the telehealth service.




The way Sherpaa charges its fees is based on episodes of care, as we mentioned earlier. That means, for as long as you’re being treated for the same concern, that is one episode of care. If you have a case of food poisoning that lasts 3 days, for example, then that is one episode of care. However, care that takes months of consultation on the same issue is also one episode of care. You are charged one fee regardless of how long it takes.

One month of service, which includes unlimited episodes of care during that time, costs $99. This includes an average response time of fewer than 2 hours, prescriptions and tests that you can view in the app, check-ins with your doctor until your condition has been resolved, and the ability to use an HSA or FSA account.

You can also sign up for an unlimited care option that covers a full year of service. This comes in three different year-long packages that break down as follows:

If you prepay for any of these plans, you'll also save 10%, and there are discounts if you sign up additional members of your family.

What Other People Are Saying

Consumer Advocates rated Sherpaa the best telehealth service available for those who are seeking high-quality primary care over the long-term with a reliable membership. The parent company, Crossover Healthcare, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Most online reviews speak to the reliability of the service, its speed, and the wide range of conditions that they are able to handle.

The Bottom Line

Sherpaa offers an extensive range of conditions that they can help you deal with, which makes it similar to a traditional primary care physician. You don't need to worry about scheduling appointments or waiting to consult with a doctor. In an age where keeping healthy is more important than ever, Sherpaa is well worth considering.