Hims Review

Hims is a telehealth service specifically designed with men in mind. The service covers seven main categories of health concerns, including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, mental health, and primary care.

Many men turn to Hims to seek help with hair loss and sexual health. So, in this review, we’ll focus on these popular services. Additionally, we’ll also take a closer look at the other types of care men can get from Hims.

Pros and Cons of Hims



What Does Hims Offer?

Hims offers telehealth consultations in seven key categories, including hair loss and erectile dysfunction. In order to help manage hair loss, its hair care support includes:

Since we’re also focusing on its sexual health services, we want to note that Hims support includes:

Hims also provides help with:

Certain prescriptions and treatment plans for hair loss and erectile dysfunction include subscription-style service models. This reflects the ongoing care and management required to successfully manage these types of conditions.

It’s also worth noting that the Hims medical network includes advisors from prestigious institutions, including Harvard University and Stanford University. Hims is led by an impressive team of noted experts.

What To Expect on the Site

Hims makes it easy to get medical help. So, the telehealth experience involves three simple steps:

  1. Create a profile: During this step, tell Hims about yourself and describe your medical history and the nature of the symptoms you’re experiencing. Since Hims needs to verify your identity, you should have a government-issued form of identification and credit card on hand.
  2. Have your telehealth consultation: Use the Hims online platform to complete your healthcare consultation. All physicians and medical professionals in the Hims network are fully licensed and authorized to operate where you live.
  3. Order your medications: If your physician prescribes medication, you can seamlessly order your prescription. Plus, your meds are shipped by mail and delivered to your door. Since convenience is important to Hims, any necessary refills are processed and sent automatically. You can cancel at any time if you elect to stop treatment.

Hims features a streamlined, user-friendly process that saves time in every possible way. Patient reviews consistently note prompt turnaround times, attentive service, and a strong support network. And because Hims takes security seriously, it goes to exceptional lengths to safeguard patient privacy and data. In order to do so, Hims uses advanced encryption technologies.


As of April 2021, primary care visits are available for a flat fee of $39. This price point extends to practically all consultations. However, mental health services are an exception. Since mental health services involve individualized, ongoing treatment plans, there isn’t a standard fee. Hims provides options for all budgets, so necessary services fall within most price ranges.

Telehealth services continue to make inroads as convenient alternatives to traditional care. However, Hims isn’t currently covered by insurance. So, patients pay out of pocket.

What People Are Saying About Hims

As of April 2021, Hims has a great Trustpilot rating. To sum up its customer rating, Hims has 4.2 out of 5 stars based on nearly 800 reviews:

The Bottom Line

Hims offers fast, affordable medical consultations specially focused on the unique needs of men. It’s particularly well-known for treating hair loss and erectile dysfunction. Patients can also count on Hims for help with a long list of other common, non-emergency ailments. The Hims medical network saves men time and money on necessary care. So, it’s a trustworthy alternative to physical doctor visits.

With this in mind, Hims is a great option to consider as you compare the best online doctors.