Trinity Relocation Group Review

Trinity Relocation Group is a fully licensed and bonded moving broker, licensed through the Department of Transportation that helps connect people with affordable and highly rated moving companies.

Specifically, Trinity Relocation Group can help connect you with moving companies that offer auto transport, residential moving, commercial moving, state-to-state moving, and packing services. You can also find all sorts of free resources on Trinity Relocation Group you can use to educate yourself about every step along the moving process.

What’s Special about Trinity Relocation Group?

Finding the right moving company usually requires you to do some serious digging. In the end, you have reviews and reputation to rely on as your primary indicators of whether or not a specific moving company is a good choice for your move.

Trinity Relocation Group removes this guess work and connects you only with moving companies in your area that are verified to provide high-quality service at an affordable rate. Beyond this, Trinity Relocation Group works to connect you with moving companies that offer the specific kind of moving service you need.

Trinity Relocation Group takes care of all the research and pre-screening processes, and even negotiates discounts with every moving company they recommend. This means you’ll often end up paying less for your move when you organize it through Trinity Relocation Group than if you went to the mover directly.

What Services Does Trinity Relocation Group Offer?

Given the number of moving companies within its network, Trinity Relocation Group can help connect you with the right company no matter what kind of moving service you require. According to Trinity Relocation Group’s website, it can help connect you with the following services:

When deciding which movers to connect you with, Trinity Relocation Group checks movers’ safety records, complaint histories, and reputation with industry watchdogs like the Better Business Bureau. This ensures you’re only matched with trustworthy companies.

Additionally, Trinity Relocation Group implements other quality assurance measures, including:

Finally, you can access plenty of free articles, guides, and other resources for free on Trinity Relocation Group’s website to learn more about how to successfully move on your own.

How Do You Use Trinity Relocation Group?

To get started with Trinity Relocation Group, simply call the number on their website, or fill out their free online quote form. After learning about your situation and needs, a representative will reach out to provide you a free quote for your move, as well as to explain the necessary next steps.

Beyond this, if you have any questions or concerns before, during, or after your move, you can contact Trinity Relocation Group’s trained customer service representatives for qualified support. These representatives will also reach out to you before and after your move to make sure everything is on track and that you’re happy with the end result.


Because Trinity Relocation Group is only a broker and not an actual moving company itself, it doesn’t charge for the use of its service. What you ultimately pay for the booking of your moving service will depend on a number of different factors, including the specific moving company you’re matched with, the size of your move, the distance of your move, and what specific services you require.

Fortunately, as a result of Trinity Relocation Group’s upfront quoting process, you’ll know exactly the price of your move before the process begins. This helps to ensure that you’re not surprised after all is said and done.

It’s also worth noting that as long as you cancel your order within 72 hours of placing your reservation, you can get a full refund of your purchase (minus a 10% merchant processing fee). However, any cancellations after this point will drop your refund down to 50%.


The idea of moving is already stressful enough. Having to actually pack up your things, track down local moving companies, and hope that the one you ultimately settle on is the best choice for the job tacks on ever more stress. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, there’s also a good chance that you end up with a moving company that’s not qualified to perform your specific move—resulting in broken belongings, excessively long transport, and inflated pricing.

Trinity Relocation Group helps you avoid all of this by researching moving companies on your behalf and recommending only the best ones for your specific needs. With a huge network of companies offering services related to residential moving, commercial moving, auto transport, packing, and other moving-related areas, you can rest assured that Trinity Relocation Group can connect you with the right company no matter what your moving needs are.

Plus, with an extensive library of free educational content, you can use Trinity Relocation Group to make better decisions on your own in the world of moving. To see how Trinity Relocation Group can help you on your next move, visit their site today and get your free quote.