SEKA Review

Founded in 2014, SEKA is a licensed and insured moving company that offers a variety of different relocation services for people living in New York City, the state of New York, the Tri-State area, and Connecticut.

The company’s main services include out of commercial moving, local moving, long-distance moving, and storage. Customers can also benefit from a free quote online before purchase.

Not only does SEKA have an average rating of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, but it also has a 5/5 rating on Yelp, as well as an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

What’s Special about SEKA?

Too many moving companies don’t treat your belongings with the level of care they deserve. It’s this trend, as well as overcharging for low levels of service, that SEKA tries to do away with.

To start with, SEKA a fully licensed and insured mover with a certificate of insurance accreditations that are all publicly visible to customers on SEKA’s website for extra assurance. Beyond this, SEKA’s moving crew must go through a thorough training program to ensure they’re just as skilled in moving expertise as they are effectively communicating with customers.

This extensive training also allows SEKA’s crew to handle far more kinds of moves than your traditional moving company. For example, SEKA can help with residential or office moving, piano or fine art moving, as well as all sorts of other kinds of short- and long-distance moving.

Even if you have last-minute questions before moving day, you can rely on SEKA’s customer support team to promptly get back to you with qualified answers.

What Services Does SEKA Offer?

SEKA’s services can be described as belonging to four main categories, including:

With this wide selection of services, SEKA can be used for virtually any kind of moving scenario, including students moving into their first dorm room, families switching apartments or moving across town, and even businesses setting up a new address in a different area code, just to name a few examples.

How Do You Use SEKA?

You can book a move with SEKA in several ways, including email, phone, and an online moving quote form.

If you choose to get a quote online, you’ll be asked to provide the following:

After you complete your form, which takes less than a minute, a representative from SEKA will quickly reach out to provide you with a personalized quote.


You’re charged an hourly or flat rate by SEKA depending on a number of different factors, including what service you use (local, intrastate, or interstate), how many movers are required for your job, the size of your move, and other factors. With this in mind, there’s no one set pricing for SEKA.

However, you can get a free personalized quote before your move to get an idea of what you can expect to pay for your specific move. For an even more accurate idea, you can pay for an in-house estimate, which includes a consultant from SEKA visiting your home and assessing your possessions that need to be transported.

In terms of deposits, for local and long-distance moves, SEKA requires a deposit of 20% of your estimate (factored into the total cost.) There is also no rescheduling fee as long as you let SEKA know 72 hours before your move — you can be charged up to 50% of your fee if you don’t provide notification of your rescheduling before a moving crew is dispatched.


Gone are the days of unmotivated moving crews and overpriced relocation services. With a licensed and insured company like SEKA, you can access services related to commercial, local, and long-distance moving, as well as climate-controlled storage for a fraction of what you would pay for other moving companies in the space.

And with one of the highest-rated customer review profiles of any moving company in the industry, you can trust SEKA to provide top-of-the-line service from trained and passionate moving professionals. Whether you’re looking to move your home or office locally or outside of Ashburn, taking one minute to fill out SEKA’s online quote tool to get a personalized solution is the perfect first step.