North American Moving Review

Founded in 1933, North American is a moving company that offers a wide selection of services to help people relocate their homes and corporate spaces across the United States and beyond.

More specifically, you can use North American for household moving, international moving, corporate moving, and long-distance moving. The company also offers a large library of free education resources (articles, tools, FAQs, etc.) you can use to better prepare yourself for the moving process.

With accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, over 500 agent locations nationwide, and over 80 years of experience, North American stands as one of the most comprehensive and experienced moving companies in the industry.

What’s Special about North American?

North American’s x-factor predominately comes down to its sheer amount of experience in the moving industry. Founded in 1933, the company has had the better part of a century to come up with the best possible way to help people move to and from any location in the United States (and the world).

Part of what has come out of this experience is superior customer service. Whereas many other moving companies give you a quote, do the job, and move on, North American stays available to you at every stage of your move through 24-hour customer service.

Finally, North American is one of the few moving companies to go above and beyond in relation to COVID-19 safety measures. To remain transparent to customers, North American offers a public Business Continuity Plan on its site explaining everything that the company is doing to keep customers (and employees) safe during the pandemic.

What Services Does North American Offer?

North American offers professional support for virtually any kind of move you can think of. In more detail, its services include:

Beyond these services, North American also offers a large library of educational resources you can use to better prepare yourself for your move. These resources consist of:

How Do You Use North American?

Booking your move with North American can be started online or over the phone. The easiest way is online through the company’s online quote form, which requires you to provide the following information:

After submitting your form, someone from North American will contact you with a customized quote and the necessary next steps to finalize your booking. You can also get your quote over the phone if you prefer.


No two moves look the same. Things like the type of move, size of move, distance of move, and any unique circumstances can all play a part in what is needed to complete your move. North American understands this, which is why the company doesn’t charge the same price to everyone. Instead, different people will pay different rates depending on the move-related factors described above.

However, to make sure you know what you’re getting into, North American does provide you with a free quote at the very beginning of your moving process, before you’re required to actually commit to purchasing. This ensures that you don’t end up with any surprise costs along the way.


Moving requires you to entrust your precious belongings to someone you don’t know. Naturally, then, you only want to work with companies with a proven track record of reliable, secure, and timely service. Fortunately, North American checks all of these boxes.

In its 87 years of operation, North American has formulated a recipe for the perfect move, consisting of 24/7 customer service, free quotes upfront, plenty of free educational content, and a full suite of relocation services, including household moving, international moving, corporate moving, and long-distance moving.

It’s definitely worth getting your free quote to see what North American can do for your next move.