Founded in 2015, is the go-to resource for all things moving. Acting as more of an educational platform than a direct moving service, provides articles, reviews, guides, and other resources to help you find the right moving company and make moving easier and less stressful.

Specifically, you can expect to find resources that can help you at every stage of your move, from selecting a mover, to purchasing the right moving containers, to unpacking your belongings in your new home.

Over the course of its five years in operation, has earned praise and acknowledgment from Business Insider, USA Today, Mental Floss, HuffPost, and many other publications.

What’s Special about

You can think of as the older sibling that provides you with wisdom and knowledge to help you make better life decisions. Only in this case, those decisions relate specifically to moving.

Because there are so many different moving companies available, with each claiming to have the best level of service, choosing the right moving company can be confusing. aims to do away with this complication and provide clear-cut instructions on how to make your next move as smooth as possible. accomplishes this by creating high-quality resources that answer some of the most common questions people have when it comes to moving. To make sure that their answers are accurate and trustworthy, the moving experts creating these resources do everything from testing packing supplies to researching customer feedback to comparing hundreds of quotes.

The best part is that, even with this level of research and testing, offers its resources to readers for free.

What Services Does Offer? creates all sorts of different moving-related resources. To you give an idea of the depth of these resources,’s resources can help with:

You can also expect to find reviews for moving companies, moving grants, packing checklists, weekly emails with deals, and guides to help you avoid moving scams, ship your car, load a moving truck, navigate COVID-19, and plenty of other types of resources.

How Do You Use is an educational platform and not an actual moving service. Therefore, using it is as simple as navigating to the site and choosing any article or resource that you want to read. You can also choose to subscribe to a weekly to receive exclusive content and deals.


There’s no cost to using and accessing its content library. In fact, you can actually use the majority of’s content to help you save money on your next move.

For example, inside the article “The Best Moving Discounts and Deals of 2020”, you can find out how to access all sorts of different moving-related discounts. These include:

Through articles like this one, moving company reviews, and city-specific guides, you can use to help you save on moving in all sorts of different ways.


While you can’t expect to provide you with actual moving services, you can expect to point you in all the right directions to make your next move the smoothest one yet. Acting as a free online platform where you can go to find helpful resources catering to every stage of the moving process, including packing, choosing a moving company, transport, unpacking, and others, is a guiding light that helps reduce confusion and stress related to the moving process.

Plus,’s extensive review series and cost-saving guides can help make sure that your next move is also as affordable as possible. With a dedication to quality and a price tag of exactly $0, visiting and scouring its vast content library is the best way to brush up on your moving knowledge, find the most affordable moving services in your area, and generally fill in any gaps you have about the moving process.