International Van Lines Review

Founded in 2000, International Van Lines is a moving company that helps with both domestic and international moves. Since it’s licensed by the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission), International Van Lines can even assist with international ocean freight shipping. In order to act as a full-service operation, International Van Lines handles out-of-state moves, some local moves, ocean freight moves, car shipping, and storage.

Plus, because International Van Lines is a private company, it has more freedom to provide tailor-made relocation solutions. Since the company knows your time is valuable, International Van Line aims to provide a personalized solution and quote within 15 minutes.

Let’s dig into the details and see if International Van Lines is right for your move.

Pros and Cons of International Van Lines



What Does International Van Lines Offer?

International Van Lines’ offers three primary services:

As a result, you can use International Van Lines for household moves, corporate relocations, and freight shipping.

What To Expect on the Site

Getting started with International Van Lines is as simple as completing a quick online questionnaire. Your responses to the following questions help International Van Lines understand your needs:

After you submit your questionnaire, International Van Lines will let you know when a truck is available for your specific area. You can then respond to the company to confirm your needs and get an instant quote.


Since International Van Lines offers such a wide array of moving services, we can’t generalize about the pricing. You can expect to pay differently depending on a variety of factors, including the type of move and location. For example, you can expect to pay more for an international move than for a domestic move. In order to get a clear picture of their pricing, you’ll want to get a free quote.

While it may be true that we don’t have specific pricing, we can say that International Van Lines employs several cost-saving measures for customers. So, if you’re wondering whether professional moving is worth the money, International Van Lines may be an affordable option.

For instance, the company will notify you if “piggybacking” is available. This measure consolidates your move along with someone else’s move that’s in the same area and at the same time. If “piggybacking” is an option, you can save money.

Additionally, before you book your move, International Van Lines will let you know if there are other dates around your requested moving date that are cheaper. So, if you’re not tied to a specific date, this option can save you 15-20% on your move.

What People Are Saying About International Van Lines

As an illustration of its popularity and trustworthiness, International Van Lines has a great Trustpilot rating. Based on user-generated reviews, customers give the company 4.2 out of 5 stars:

The Bottom Line

Since moving is already stressful enough, International Van Lines is a great resource. Along with domestic and international moving services, it can also help with storage. So, no matter where you’re moving or whether you also need a storage solution, International Van Lines is a service you can trust. And with your wallet in mind, the company even looks for cost-saving measures.

Given all of these advantages, International Van Lines is worth considering as you compare the best moving companies.