Compass Moving & Storage Review

Founded in 2005, Compass Moving & Storage is based out of Massachusetts and services the entire United States. It was founded by John Hardy, a veteran of the Gulf War, who’s worked in the moving industry since 1995. Compass offers long-distance, local, in-house, and office-related moving services. You can also expect to find services relating to expert piano moving, packing, storage, and moving supplies. You can receive estimates online or in-person, depending on your preference.

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Pros and Cons of Compass



What Does Compass Offer?

Regardless of how comprehensive your moving needs are, Compass can likely fulfill them. With local and long-distance relocation services available, as well as packing and storage, Compass is a one-stop-shop for moving.

For a full breakdown of all their services, see below:

What to Expect on the Site

Unlike most moving companies, Compass actually provides the name of the person you’ll be dealing with when you go to receive your estimate.

You don’t have to worry about dealing with someone inexperienced when trying to book your move; instead, as the reviews indicate, you can rely on Compass to provide an accurate and reliable estimate based on nearly two decades of experience (and cost-effective tips, as the site indicates.) You can take comfort in the fact that all of Compass’s other staff are professionally trained as well; specifically their movers and drivers.

When it comes to actually getting your estimate, you can do so either via email or over the phone, depending on your preference.


Compass doesn’t list specific prices on its website. To understand the full cost of your move, you’ll need to get an estimate. This estimate accounts for such things as the type of service you need (long-distance, local, office, in-home, etc.) and the size of your move.

It’s also worth noting that certain types of moves use different pricing structures. For example, the cost of long-distance moves depends on the final weight of the goods that are shipped and the distance between origin and destination. Local moves, however, charge at an hourly rate based on the number of crew members and equipment necessary to professionally complete the relocation in the most cost-effective manner.

Regardless of which service you choose, thanks to your estimate, you’ll have a very close, if not spot-on, idea of your final cost before you have to even commit to a purchase. For this reason, you can easily decide if professional movers are affordable enough.

What People Are Saying About Compass

Compass has a positive reputation. As an illustration, it holds a 4.8/5 average customer rating on Google. Reviews are even more positive on Yelp with a 5/5 average rating.

The Bottom Line

In the 16 years since its founding, Compass has grown to offer just about every possible moving service you could possibly need. From long-distance residential moves to commercial office moves, Compass takes the stress out of moving. Even niche services like expert piano moving and storage are available.

Getting an estimate is also a breeze thanks to the company’s experienced and trained staff. While on-site visits (following all pandemic safety protocols) will certainly provide you with a more accurate, the company is just as able to provide you with an accurate estimate via email or over the phone.

In the end, as you compare top moving companies, Compass deserves a spot in your top contenders.