Big Ben’s Review

Established in 2014, Big Ben’s is a moving company founded by a veteran of the United States Marine Corps that offers high-end packing, moving, unpacking and set-up services. Through its various services, you can use Big Ben’s for in-house estimates, long-distance moves, commercial moves, climate-controlled storage, as well as professional packing services.

Led and run by highly disciplined US Veterans, Big Ben brings to the world of moving a level of skill and dedication that is unrivaled by its competitors.

What’s Special about Big Ben’s?

Big Ben’s biggest advantage by far relates to the expertise of its employees. Founded and run by US Veterans, Big Ben’s moving crews are some of the most disciplined, well-trained, and trustworthy moving crews in the industry.

You can also take comfort in the fact that Big Ben goes to great lengths to make sure that you have a complete picture of what to expect for your move. The company accomplishes this by first explaining all costs you can expect to incur before your move actually happens, and then preparing you, your home, or office staff for what to expect throughout every step of your relocation.

Finally, another factor that separates Big Ben’s from other moving companies is its wide variety of services. As a company, Big Ben’s provides:

What Services Does Big Ben’s Offer?

You could look at Big Ben’s as offering four main services, which include:

While these are the four main services, Big Ben’s can help with all of the following:

How Do You Use Big Ben’s?

Starting your booking with Big Ben’s is as simple as filling out a free quote online. This process takes less than 30 seconds to complete and requires you to provide the following information:

After submitting this information, a moving consultant will quickly reach out to you to discuss your next steps. You can also start the booking process over the phone if you prefer.

In terms of what you can expect after talking with a moving consultant, it depends on the specific service you require. For example, below are the five steps involved in Big Ben’s commercial moving process:


What you pay to use Big Ben’s will depend on a number of different factors, including what service you’re purchasing, how big of a move you’re doing, how long-distance your move is, and any special circumstances you may have.

Because of this, it’s impossible to say exactly what you will pay to use Big Ben’s. However, through its quoting process, you can at least take comfort in the fact that you’ll know all of your costs upfront before you’re required to commit. A member of Big Ben’s staff will even walk you through your estimate piece-by-piece to make sure you understand every part.


The US military helps to form some of the most disciplined and skilled people on the planet. Therefore, when you learn that a moving company like Big Ben’s that was not only founded by a US veteran but also employs veterans in its workforce and moving crews, such a company is more worthy of your attention than most.

In addition to possessing a highly skilled and reliable workforce, by offering in-home estimates, long-distance moves, commercial moves, storage solutions, and plenty of other moving-related services, Big Bens is about as comprehensive of a moving company as it gets.