Always Moving Review

Founded in 2018, Always Moving is a moving company that offers a variety of moving services to help people relocate to anywhere in America. Beyond possessing the proper MC and DOT licensing, Always Moving also employs a crew of professionally trained movers to be able to offer its comprehensive portfolio of services.

These services include long-distance residential moving, short- and long-term storage services, as well as packing and crafting services.

Despite being somewhat of a newcomer in the world of moving companies, Always Moving has already earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, indicating a high level of marketplace trust.

What’s Special about Always Moving?

Most budget-friendly moving companies follow the same path: buy a moving truck, recruit some inexperienced movers, and pass the savings onto the customer. While Always Moving maintains this last part, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of its crew to be able to offer such affordable pricing — you can expect only professionally trained movers that follow all safety and government guidelines to transport your belongings with the necessary care they deserve.

Plus, Always Moving offers services that would usually require you to hire multiple companies to access. For example, not only can you move your belongings with Always Moving, but you can also have Always Moving pack up and store your belongings, if necessary.

What Services Does Always Moving Offer?

Always Moving offers a full-suite approach to moving. In total, the company offers the following services:

How Do You Use Always Moving?

The easiest way to start your booking with Always Moving is online. Through its free online quote tool, you can provide Always Moving with all the necessary information its team needs to be able to back to you with an accurate quote for your move. You can expect to provide the following information:

After submitting this information, Always Moving will quickly reach out to you with your quote and the necessary next steps. If you’d prefer to speak with someone directly, you can also speak directly with a representative over the phone.


Always Moving doesn’t offer set pricing. Instead, your cost, which can be either a flat fee or hourly rate, is dedicated by the factors related to your specific move. For example, your cost may be affected by the size of your move, how far you’re moving, the number of different services you require, and any special circumstances that may be present.

Don’t let this scare you, though. There are no hidden or extra fees involved, and you’ll be given a quote clearly explaining all of your costs very early on in the booking process (before you’re required to commit to purchasing). You can then judge for yourself if you’d like to continue.

Even if you end up having to postpone your move, you won’t have to pay any penalty as long as you provide 72 hours’ notice. It is worth noting, however, that there are no refunds available should you decide to cancel.


Always Moving has got you covered at every stage of the moving process. From packing your belongings to transporting them across the country, to temporarily storing them in climate-controlled storage facilities until your arrival, the professionals at Always Moving can help. Plus, you can get a free quote before you book your move, helping to make sure you know what you’ll be paying.

With a full menu of moving services, accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, and all of the proper licensing and training you hope to see in a credible moving company, Always Moving is the perfect choice for your next move. Get a free quote today to see if Always Moving has the right moving solution for you.