What Services Can Professional Movers Provide?

When you think of a moving company, you likely think of a group of strong people putting your belongings into a big truck, driving to your new home, and safely unpacking them for you. While this certainly describes the most common moving service, most moving companies offer all sorts of other services to aid you at every step of the moving process.

For example, beyond actually moving your items, you can enlist the help of moving companies to provide you with packing materials, pack away your items, disassemble and reassemble items, store your items for safekeeping until your arrive at your new home, and to help with myriad other areas of the moving process.

To help you understand the full scope of moving help available to you, we gathered all of the different kinds of services offered by moving companies below.


One of the most annoying parts of moving is tracking down all the materials you need to safely pack away all of your belongings. Most of the time, these materials consist of cardboard boxes, plastic tubs, newspaper, Styrofoam, packing tape, and anything else you need to be able to securely package your belongings.

Tracking down these materials doesn’t sound like a big deal but receiving hand-me-down materials from friends and family can come with its own set of risks. For example, you might receive cardboard boxes that have been used for multiple moves already. Not only does this mean they’re more likely to break during your own move — potentially damaging your items in the process — but it also means that they’re likely to already have labels written on them. This can make keeping your items organized throughout the move more difficult, as it’s easy to confuse your own labels with labels used in past moves.

Fortunately, many moving companies help you avoid problems like these by offering brand new packing materials as part of their service. As a result, you get new, strong and label-free boxes you can trust to properly hold your items without breaking.


Packing is often the most tedious part of moving, requiring you to invest the time into properly organizing your items for the smoothest possible move. This process certainly becomes easier with brand new packing materials, but it can become even easier through the use of a professional packing service.

While not as common as your standard ‘pack-into-and-out-of-the-truck’ moving service, many moving companies provide the option to have movers come into your home and professionally pack away your belongings for you. Not only is this a huge time-saver, but this kind of professional packing can also often help keep your belongings more secure throughout the course of the move compared to if you packed your belongings yourself.


Moving companies often don’t offer just one kind of moving, but rather various different kinds catering to different distances, needs, and situations. Oftentimes, these include:

With this in mind, it’s important to choose a moving company that can help with your specific kind of move (you can look at a company’s service selection to help you with this).


Remember that entire afternoon it took you to put together your couch? This marks one of the most annoying things about moving — having to reassemble your complicated pieces of furniture.

If you don’t mind reinvesting the stress and hairpulling it took to put your items together the first time around, then by all means take another crack at reassembling. But if you want a time- and stress-saving alternative, many moving companies offer the option for professional movers to assemble your furniture for you instead.


Sometimes, you may not be able to be at your new home when your belongings are delivered. If you foresee this being the case, then you may want to choose a moving company that offers storage as one of its services.

Having access to secure, climate-controlled storage gives you way more freedom in terms of when you have to actually arrive at your new home. When you purchase storage as one of your moving services, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be professionally stored away in a nearby storage facility until you’re able to actually arrive at your new home.

Professional storage can prove extremely helpful if you’re relocating internationally, as you likely won’t be coordinating your arrival perfectly with the arrival of your belongings. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any issues like language barriers when dealing with storage services in your new country — you have the comfort of still being able to deal with the same company you used back home.

Other Miscellaneous Services

No two moves are the same; with different belongings, environments, and other factors, quality moving companies know to be prepared to tailor their services to accommodate any move, regardless of its specific needs.

Therefore, in addition to the services we already covered, it’s not uncommon to find moving companies that also can help with:

Beyond these services, many moving companies also offer plenty of educational resources you can use to better prepare yourself for the moving process. These resources often consist of:


The next time you’re looking to move, it’s important to understand the full scope of moving help available to you. Yes, moving companies can certainly help with moving your belongings from your old home to your new home, but this is a limited view of what professional movers can provide.

Depending on your needs, you can hire professional movers to help with virtually every step of the moving process, from packing to reassembly of furniture. Beyond simply moving your belongings, professional movers can provide you with secure packing materials, pack your items for you, disassemble furniture, store your belongings at a nearby storage facility until your arrival at your new home, reassemble furniture in your new home, and so much more.

All this is to say that before stressing yourself out over your next move, know that there are plenty of services available to help take most, if not all of moving responsibility out of your hands and place it in the hands of professionals.