What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for Professional Movers?

A professional moving company can undoubtedly be a lifesaver. Instead of having to worry about lugging all of your heavy belongings into a moving truck, driving to your new place, and then unloading everything, you can relax as professional movers take care of the bulk of the work for you.

However, this doesn’t mean you’re completely off the hook. Despite professional movers taking care of almost everything, you still have a few responsibilities, including packing, proper labeling, and building arrangements (if you live in an apartment). While some of these are necessary for a proper move, others are simply to be courteous to your movers — and to make your move quicker and more organized.

These guidelines can help ensure you’re prepared when your movers show up on moving day.

Schedule Moving Elevators

If you live in an apartment building, you don’t have the benefit of being able to move everything out whenever and however quickly you want like you would with a house. Instead, you’ll want to arrange the day and time with your landlord or building manager.

Without booking ahead of time, you risk having your movers show up only to find out that there’s no elevator available for moving your belongings to the truck. Your movers may be willing to use the stairs, but you will want to check beforehand. In most cases, your movers will pack up their things, be on their way, and still send you the bill. Even if you’re not charged the full amount, you’ll likely be charged extra to reschedule for another day.

To avoid this hassle, before you book your professional movers, confirm a moveout day with your building. Make sure that come moving day, you will have access to a dedicated moving elevator at your preferred time. Once you’ve made this arrangement, you can then confidently book your movers knowing that they’ll have access to the moving elevator when they show up.

Pack Beforehand

Have you ever showed up to help a friend or family member move only to find out they’ve barely done any packing? If so, you know how annoying it is; you then have to either invest the extra time to help them pack (only if you’re a really good friend), or chalk the visit up to wasted time and come back later when everything is actually ready to be moved.

Now picture professional movers showing up to your place only to find out that they can’t do what they’ve invested their time, resources, and manpower to come do — move your belongings. Surely, you can start to imagine why having everything packed and ready to go come moving day is so important.

Not only is it annoying and a waste of time for your movers to show up to an unprepared home, but it will likely cost you more money. Your movers undoubtedly have other customers they have to tend to — likely on the same day. As a result, there’s a good chance that they won’t be able to wait for you until you’re finished packing, as the process will take longer than they’ve allotted in their schedule. This means you’ll likely have to reschedule for another time, which means extra costs for you. At the very least, you’ll likely be charged a rescheduling fee, if not the original moving cost in its entirety. Beyond just financial costs, rescheduling your move can cause all sorts of problems, especially if your building isn’t able to grant you access to the moving elevator on demand.

The bottom line is, when the movers show up on moving day, make sure everything is completely packed and ready to go — your movers, wallet, and stress levels will thank you for it.

Label Properly

While putting items into a moving truck might seem like an easy job, there’s actually quite a bit of nuance to it. Specifically, items need to be organized in a way that optimizes the speed of unpacking, which includes taking things out of the truck, as well as placing them correctly inside of your new home. By properly labeling all of your boxes, you can substantially speed up this process for your movers.

By not labeling your boxes, however, you make the job harder for your movers in a number of ways. For one, you make it harder for them to understand how to best pack away your boxes inside of their moving truck. With no labels to guide what boxes should be packed together, you risk having them be packed away randomly, which can make it harder to understand where to place each box inside your new home. For example, some of your kitchen items might be placed in the living room, others in your bathroom, others in your laundry room, and so on. Proper labeling, on the other hand, ensures that all boxes containing kitchen items are placed together in the kitchen.

Another problem that can arise from not labeling your boxes relates to assembly. Specifically, if you opted for assembly as part of your moving service (putting together a couch, for example), not labeling your boxes makes it harder for your movers to find all of the parts they need. For example, even if you stack together all of the boxes containing the necessary parts for your couch, without proper labeling, there’s nothing to stop those boxes from getting separated during the move.

Therefore, for both organization’s and efficiency’s sake, be sure to label all of your boxes before your movers show up. This simple step will make unloading more efficient, assembly easier, and general unpacking less of a hassle — for both you and your movers.


Professional movers may take the bulk of the work off your hands, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to make moving a smooth process. Making proper arrangements with your building, packing beforehand, and properly labeling your belongings helps ensure that you’re not stuck with any extra costs and that your belongings are unpacked in a timely and organized fashion.