Can Professional Movers Help Even if I Don’t Have Much Stuff?

There’s a good chance that when you think of professional movers, you picture a group of people lugging countless pieces of furniture out of a multi-story home. However, while it may be tempting to think of moving companies as only being useful for these types of larger moves, the reality is that professional movers can be helpful for all kinds of moves — including smaller moves not involving a lot of stuff.

Regardless of how large your move is, professional movers can help you more easily and securely pack away your items, disassemble pieces of furniture (and reassemble them in your new home), reduce your risk of lifting-related injury, and provide storage if you’re not able to coordinate your arrival at your new home with the arrival of your belongings.

For a deeper understanding of all the ways in which professional movers can make your move easier, regardless of how much stuff you have, continue reading below.

Easier Packing and Assembly

Packing may be easier than lugging your belongings around, but it’s certainly more tedious. Having to think of how to organize your belongings, pack them in the most optimal way, track down packing materials, and set aside the time to actually do the packing can seem overwhelming. This doesn’t even account for the boredom you experience in the process or the amount of time you’ll have to find in your busy schedule to make the packing happen.

Fortunately, many moving companies provide the option to have movers come into your home and professionally pack away your belongings for you. Not only is this a huge time saver, but this kind of professional packing can actually be a better option for those with expensive or precious belongings. Leading up to a move, it’s common to have to rush to pack your items, resulting in less secure packing that can more easily lead to damaged items. By hiring professional movers to pack for you, you can sleep easier knowing that all of your belongings are packed away more securely — often using higher-quality packing materials than you’d find on your own.

In addition to packing, professional movers can also make your life easier by disassembling furniture, securely packaging the pieces, and then reassembling in your new home. If you don’t mind repeating the stress and hair pulling it took to put your items together the first time around, then by all means take another crack at reassembling. But if you want a time- and stress-saving alternative, professional disassembly and reassembly is the way to go.

Plus, you get the added benefit of your furniture being assembled by professionals who have likely assembled your exact piece of furniture dozens of times before. As a result, there’s no half-baked assembly that you have to worry about (like omitting a couple of screws after 10 minutes of searching for them) — only professional assembly that follows the instructions to a T.

Less Risk of Injury

In any other context, lugging around items that weigh 100+ lbs for hours on end would make you want to hire qualified help, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t routinely lift weights or exercise. But for some reason, when moving, we think that lugging around such heavy items won’t put us in any danger of injury. Making matters worse, moving often requires us to contort our bodies in unnatural ways while holding heavy items, such as when squeezing through a hallway or up a flight of stairs.

To significantly reduce your risk of injury, regardless of the size of your move, consider hiring professional movers. Not only are professional movers often more physically fit, but they’re also more accustomed to lifting in ways that moving requires, such as coordinating lifts with other people and navigating up and down stairs.

If you’re really keen on learning how to move safely without the help of movers, you can hire movers one time, watch and learn from them as they go about their lifting, and apply what you learn in future moves. However, if you have any doubt at all about your physical ability to safely move your belongings, you’re better off letting movers do the lifting for you — it’s not worth the serious risk of injury.

Option for Storage

You may not have many belongings, but you still want to make sure they’re safe if they arrive at your new home before you do. Professional movers understand this, which is why many of them offer temporary storage for your belongings should you arrive at your new home later than they do.

These storage facilities are secure, climate-controlled, and near your new home for maximum convenience. Knowing this, you can feel more comfortable about arriving later at your new home if you have business to attend to or other matters that require you to stay in your old location for a while longer. And it’s not like your belongings are just thrown into a storage bin; they’ll be professionally unpacked and organized in such a way as to make them as easy as possible to relocate to your new home when you do ultimately arrive.

If you’re moving internationally, being able to temporarily store your belongings can be a lifesaver. Because there’s a high chance that your items will arrive before you do, setting up temporary storage while you’re still in your home country can provide you with the assurance of knowing your items are safe until you arrive.

Other Ways that Professional Movers Can Help

While above are the main ways in which professional movers can still be helpful for small moves, below are some less-common-but-still-helpful services offered by moving companies that can prove helpful for moves of all sizes:

You’ll also find that many moving companies offer free libraries of educational content and resources on their websites dedicated to helping people at every stage of their moving process, including:

Before you scoff at the idea of hiring professional movers for your small move, it’s important to know that moving companies offer services suitable for moves of all sizes. For example, you can save countless hours of packing and assembly — and the stress and monotony that comes with these things — by outsourcing them to professionals. Not only does this free up your schedule, but it’s also more likely to result in your belongings being more securely packed and assembled.

Additionally, you may not have many items, but the items that you do have may be very heavy. Without professional movers to help you, the likelihood of injuring yourself in the moving process is much higher.

Finally, if you foresee your belongings arriving at your new home before you, professional movers can keep them safe and secure in professional storage until your arrival.