VA Rate Guide Review

VA Rate Guide is a mortgage marketplace that helps veterans and their families. With this goal in mind, it’s a free service that quickly matches vets with lenders.

Since it concentrates on veterans and military families, VA Rate Guide is a great resource for finding lenders that offer VA loans. As their slogan “Your Veterans Loan Savings Guide” suggests, VA Rate Guide doesn’t provide mortgage refinancing itself but instead connects users with mortgage refinance lenders.

In this review, we’ll dig into the details and help you decide if VA Rate Guide can help you.

Pros and Cons of VA Rate Guide 



What Does VA Rate Guide Offer?

VA Rate Guide defines itself as “Your Veterans Loan Savings Guide.” Operating primarily as a guide, VA Rate Guide isn’t a lender or mortgage broker. Instead, it’s a free resource that veterans and military families can use to help find the right lender.

So, based on your needs, VA Rate Guide connects you with mortgage refinance lenders and provides custom rate quotes. Since lenders within VA Rate Guide’s network are verified by SecureRights, you can expect a high degree of trustworthiness.

What To Expect on the Site

While VA Rate guide isn’t a lender, they do need a few details in order to match you to lenders. So, the process begins with a brief online form to learn about your situation and needs. Specifically, you’ll be asked a few questions, including:

This form should only take a few minutes to complete. After submitting your answers, VA Rate Guide uses this information to connect you to a lender tailored to your needs. VA Rate Guide says you will only be contacted by network members that provide the product or service you’re seeking.


Because VA Rate Guide isn’t a direct lender, there isn’t a set price you can expect to pay to refinance your mortgage. That said, it’s completely free to use VA Rate Guide to find lenders and custom quotes.

Actual payments, including your interest rate, vary based on your situation, the lender you choose, and current rates. So, what you ultimately pay to refinance your mortgage is determined by the terms set by your lender.

The Bottom Line

VA Rate Guide is an easy-to-use, free service that quickly connects veterans with lenders based on their needs. Whether you want to lower your rate or take cash out, VA Rate Guide is a helpful resource.

So, if you’re interested in refinancing your mortgage, VA Rate Guide could be a great way to find lenders and rates. It’s worth checking out as you compare top mortgage refinance lenders.