Refi Rate Guide Review

Refi Rate Guide is an online tool that makes comparison shopping easy. Instead of acting as a direct lender, it uses a brief questionnaire to match you with suitable direct lenders. So, Refi Rate Guide can save you time by saving you the hassle of answering the same questions repeatedly on multiple websites for each lender.

If you want multiple options on the table, Refi Rate Guide could be a great resource. Let’s delve into the details to see if it could help you with the refinancing process.

Pros and Cons of Refi Rate Guide



What Does Refi Rate Guide Offer?

You can think of Refi Rate Guide as a guiding hand toward the best loans available for your situation. Since it isn’t a direct lender and therefore doesn’t offer loans itself, it’s a useful tool that connects you with lenders that offer what you need.

Additionally, its wide network of lenders means Refi Rate Guide can help connect you with lenders who offer a variety of loan types. For this reason, the site can likely help whether you’re interested in a fixed-rate loan, adjustable loan, VA loan, or something else. Similarly, there are no set terms and rates because its network includes so many lenders.

In order to ensure you’re only matched with relevant lenders, every lender in Refi Rate Guide’s network is verified by SecureRights. As SecureRights explains it, your information is used to make sure that your information is only shared with lenders that provide the financial services you need. So, you won’t be spammed by irrelevant lenders.

What To Expect on the Site

To help Refi Rate Guide find relevant lenders, you need to submit a short questionnaire. This application isn’t for a particular loan but instead narrows down your search to a few lenders. As a result, it’s ideal for those who want to comparison shop without the legwork.

The online form can be completed in less than two minutes and includes the following questions:

Once you submit your responses, Refi Rate Guide uses a smart algorithm to connect you with direct lenders who offer relevant loans.


It’s free to use Refi Rate Guide to be paired with mortgage refinance lenders. If you secure a loan through a lender Refi Rate Guide found for you, you can expect to pay the standard mortgage refinancing fees. Because costs are dependent on your situation and terms set by the lender, what you ultimately end up paying will vary from person to person.

The Bottom Line

Refi Rate Guide is a guiding light you can use to point you in the right direction of lenders that meet your needs. If you want an easy way to find what loans are available to you, Refi Rate Guide is a valuable resource.

It’s a free tool that quickly narrows down your options. And since its network of lenders is so wide, Refi Rate Guide isn’t limited to certain types of loans. There are lenders who offer fixed-rate, adjustable, VA, FHA, and other types of loans. So, no matter why you want to refinance your mortgage, Refi Rate Guide is a handy tool. Subsequently, it can be helpful whether you want to shorten your term or take cash out.

Given these points, Refi Rate Guide could be a good solution as you look into the best mortgage refinance lenders.