AmeriSave Review

AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation is one of America’s premier direct mortgage lenders. Since its creation in 2002, AmeriSave has worked hard to build a team of both mortgage experts and people experts.

What does that mean? It means that they understand that a mortgage means so much more than just a loan. It’s a step towards securing your dream home and building the life you deserve.

Through its use of advanced technology to provide low rates, easy online applications, and great customer service, Amerisave distinguishes itself from competitors. In order to see if AmeriSave is right for you, continue reading below.

Pros and Cons of Amerisave



What Does Amerisave Offer?

AmeriSave offers two main options for refinancing:

Rate & Term Refinancing: If you want to lower your current interest rate or shorten the term of your mortgage, then AmeriSave suggests this option. With this option, your home value must be greater than the amount owed on the mortgage. Appraisal fees and closing costs may also be required.

Cash-Out Refinancing: But if you want to get cash out of your home’s equity to use for things like home improvements or debt consolidation, then AmeriSave suggests this option.

What To Expect on the Site

In terms of the process behind receiving your refinancing, the process is incredibly simple and goes like this:

  1. Apply: Share your income and asset information with Amerisave. This step requires you to fill out a quick questionnaire consisting of such information as your home’s address and what type of home it is.
  2. Lock: A loan originator will review the details of your refinance loan and schedule an appraisal if necessary.
  3. Close: After underwriting, they will schedule closing at a time convenient to you.

Note: As detailed by AmeriSave, by filling out this questionnaire, you authorize them to perform a soft credit check and to obtain such information solely to pre-qualify you for residential mortgage options. This authorization applies to all parties for which information has been provided. AmeriSave makes a point to say that this soft credit check does not affect your credit score.


AmeriSave offers different plans and pricing to people depending on their specific situation. Because of this, Amerisave doesn’t offer any one-size-fits-all plans or pricing. That said, AmeriSave offers many different loan options for different needs, including:

Fixed-Rate Loans: Your interest rate, as well as your monthly principal and interest payment, will never change.

Adjustable-Rate Loans: A good option for anyone that may sell or refinance their home within 7 years.

Cash-Out Refinances: Use equity in your home to consolidate debt, make home improvements and more.

The Bottom Line

AmeriSave stands out with nearly 20 years of experience, licensing in 49 states, $52+ billion funded, and 228,763+ homes financed. But what really separates AmeriSave from its competitors is its simplicity. All it requires you to do is to fill out an online form to get a custom quote in minutes.

If you’re interested in refinancing your mortgage, then consider AmeriSave. It deserves to be on your radar as you compare top mortgage refinance lenders.