Remitly Review

Remitly is an online money transfer service that helps customers who want to save on their international transactions. The company originates transfers in dozens of countries and is available for anyone to use. That said, its founding mission and company values focus specifically on the needs of immigrants who work abroad and need an affordable way to send money to loved ones in their home countries.

Let’s take a look at how Remitly works and what it offers customers in the increasingly competitive money transfer space.

Pros and Cons of Remitly



What Does Remitly Offer?

Remitly provides both international money transfer and currency exchange services. Customers in supported origination locations can send funds to recipients in more than 85 destinations.

As of March 2021, customers can send money from:

Customers in those jurisdictions can use Remitly to send money to a variety of destinations, including:

When originating a transfer, customers can pay from their bank account or with a debit card/credit card. Delivery options depend on the recipient’s location but include:

Daily and monthly caps apply to most transfers. Remitly does offer some flexibility in this regard, though. To illustrate, here’s how it works:

Remitly is committed to helping immigrants from around the world. So, its multilingual website, mobile app, and customer service center provides service in a variety of languages:

What to Expect on the Site

Using the Remitly website or mobile app is intuitive and easy. To get started, simply open the website or app and enter your transfer details, including the amount (in the original or destination currency) and recipient details. If you’re a first-time user, then Remitly will walk you through the account setup process, which is straightforward and secure.

You’ll need:

To protect customers, Remitly uses advanced cybersecurity technologies to safeguard the sensitive information of both senders and recipients. For example, the company uses 2048-bit signatures and 256-bit encryption.


Remitly is very transparent about its pricing structure with fixed rates for all transactions. For instance, every customer pays the same rates based on a sliding scale that varies according to the transfer value. Since transaction fees are an important factor to consider when selecting a money transfer company, this is an advantage Remitly offers.

Customers can choose to send their money with standard delivery (Economy) or expedited delivery (Express). Economy transfers start at $6.99 and max out at $37.99, while Express transfers begin at $9.99 and reach a maximum of $93.99. Maximum rates apply to all transactions valued at $9,000 or more

While talking about pricing, we should also note a special advantage Remitly offers — transfers bound to recipients in the Philippines carry special low rates. Express transactions valued at less than $999.99 carry a $3.99 fee, and all other transfers are free.

Additionally, Remitly offers the option to “lock-in” your quoted rate before completing your order. This step protects you from fluctuations in the global foreign exchange market. The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t pleased with your transfer results, Remitly will refund your transaction costs in their entirety.

What People Are Saying About Remitly

As of March 2021, Remitly has an excellent rating on Trustpilot. To sum up the customer feedback, the company has an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 32,000 customer reviews:

The Bottom Line

Remitly has won accolades for its fair, transparent, and affordable fixed-rate money transfer services. The company counts the United Nations’ World Bank among its financing partners, which speaks volumes about its credibility and its noble mission of helping customers send money to loved ones in developing countries. For these reasons, it’s a highly trustworthy online money transfer option.

As you compare the best money transfer companies, we think Remitly is a good option to check out, especially if you’re sending money to the Philippines or India.