One Call Alert Review

For two decades, One Call Alert has provided emergency devices to seniors that allow them to connect with medical assistance at the push of a button.

Together with their sister brand, American Medical ID, One Call Alert has earned the trust of over 100,000 customers.

Key Features

One Call Alert’s alert systems consist of four parts:

As alluded to above, One Call Alert offers different systems for different needs. These systems include:

And if you’re not sure which system is best for you, you can either reference One Call Alert’s “Buying Guide” or speak with them directly to have a safety advisor explain to you your options.

Regardless of which system you end up choosing, installing it is as easy as wearing your device, plugging in your Base Station (only with an In-Home station), turning on all of your components and pressing the Help button to test.


One Call Alert’s different plans are priced according to how much and what kind of coverage they offer. The different plans and their pricing can be found below.

In-Home Landline

Price: $22.95/month


Mobile On-the-Go

Price: $27.45/month


Complete Protection

Price: $30.75/month


In-Home Wireless

Price: $19.95/month


Mobile Double

Price: $30.79/month


One Call Alert also offers a number of different payment options, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments. They also don’t require any long-term contracts.


It’s obvious that One Call Alert has made an exerted effort to separate themselves from the plenty of other medical alert providers on the market. They offer one of the widest varieties of systems around, including all of the standard systems you expect to see with the welcomed addition of more unique systems, such as their Mobile Double system for couples.

They have also invested in making sure that their product descriptions and how-tos are extremely clear and easy-to-understand; something often neglected in the medical alert industry.

Finally, their support for a number of different payment plans and price points, as well as their lack of long-term contracts make One Call Alert approachable to just about anyone.

If you think you or a loved one might benefit from a medical alert system, giving One Call Alert a call to see what systems could benefit you is a great first move