Medical Guardian Review

Founded in 2005, Medical Guardian is a one-stop shop for medical alert solutions, offering medical alert devices with GPS technology suited to every type of lifestyle. Over 200,000 customers across the United States currently use their service.

Medical Guardian is rated as #1 across 11 of the top review sites for being leaders in cutting-edge medical alert devices and providing quality service. These include such review sites as, Best Company and Top Ten Reviews.

Key Features

Medical Guardian’s medical alert systems rely on a combination of wearable devices and GPS monitoring to provide emergency relief to those at risk of injuring themselves inside their home or otherwise.

Medical Guardian’s devices fall into two different categories: in-home and on-the-go. In-home devices provide coverage inside your home with a signal range of up to 1,300 feet. On-the-go devices cover you when you leave your home. And thanks to Medical Guardian’s nation-wide AT&T coverage, you’re covered just about everywhere.

Both in-home and on-the-go devices come with batteries that last up to 120 hours and fall detection, which triggers an automatic emergency response in the case of a fall. They’re also lightweight, waterproof, and powered by the longest-lasting batteries available.

These devices offer protection by coming with a button that, upon being pressed, connects you with a 100% U.S. based, 24/7 available monitoring center, who will assess the situation to secure help in case of an emergency.

Beyond their standard wearable devices, Medical Guardian also offers add-ons and accessories you can add to your system for an additional degree of protection. For example, you can add voice-activated wall buttons. You can also add spousal medical alert monitoring so that family members can stay updated on your status, although some devices come with this feature included.

By being U.S.-based, you don’t have to worry about things like language barriers as is often the case with many of Medical Guardian’s competitors. Although if you speak a language other than English or Spanish, their emergency operators will still be able to communicate with you using a translation service.

Plus, not only can Medical Guardian alert emergency responders, but if you so choose, they can also simply alert family members, neighbors or friends designated by you in your “Care Circle”.

An added degree of customer support quality comes from the fact that Medical Guardian’s emergency operators are certified with the industry's highest stamps, including:

Combining everything above, to illustrate how their system works in action, below are the three steps to using Medical Guardian medical alert system:

  1. Press Your Medical Alert Button: Press the button on your wearable device to connect with their medical monitoring center in seconds.
  2. Connect with Our Medical Monitoring Center to Explain Your Situation: When you push the button on your Medical Guardian device, you will receive instant help by an expert who will get you the help you need – emergency or not – right away.
  3. Receive Immediate Assistance: In the event of an emergency, they’ll immediately dispatch emergency personnel to your location. If they can't hear you through your device, they'll call your designated phone number to confirm your well-being. If they still can’t reach you, they’ll send emergency medical services to ensure your safety.

Medical Guardian also offers a number of free assessments and quizzes you can take to help you better understand what kind of medical alert system you need. For example, they offer a Product Chooser Quiz to help you understand which medical alert device is right for you. You can also just call Medical Guardian directly to get guidance from their highly trained medical alert experts.

Finally, Medical Guardian also offers an extensive blog on their website people can use to learn about health and wellness, senior safety and many more topics related to the theme of “Aging Well”.


Medical Guardian doesn’t require a contract to use their service. Many of their plans also offer free activation and free equipment.

Their service packages are priced differently depending on the extent of their converge. Medical Guardian’s in-home packages and everything they offer are described below.

Classic Guardian: $0.97 /day

Proven in-home personal safety using your home's landline. Offers 1,300 ft. of protection.

Home Guardian: $1.13 /day

Guaranteed in-home personal safety, no landline required. Equipped with time and temperature display and fall Detection-capable.

Family Guardian: $2.58 /day

Activity monitoring technology that uses three, in-home safety sensors to enable family, friends, and caregivers to stay updated on a loved one's health and activity levels.

Similarly, Medical Guardian’s on-the-go packages and everything they offer are described below.

Mobile Guardian: $1.61 /day

GPS-enabled and portable, provides around the clock personal safety both at home and on-the-go.

Active Guardian: $1.45 /day

An all-in-one medical alert system with GPS, WiFi, and optional fall detection capabilities.

Freedom Guardian: $1.45 /day

With integrated mobile phone and 2-way communication, this all-in-one wearable is the most reliable senior smartwatch available.

Medical Guardian does not charge any cancellation fees, and we provide full prorated refunds for months of unused service. Plus, they encourage you to call them to see if you qualify for any discounts.


Medical Guardian offers reliable, top-of-the-line medical alert solutions starting at less than a dollar a day. Their responders are highly certified, they’re registered by the FDA, they offer monitoring solutions for people in their home and out in public and family members can easily check in and stay up to date through their spousal monitoring service.

Give Medical Guardian a call or take a couple of minutes to fill out their risk assessment to see if they can provide a medical alert system suited to your needs.