Medical Alert Review

Medical Alert is a service that provides full-featured medical alert systems for protection inside and outside of your home. This includes wearable devices with built-in GPS, Fall Detection, and emergency dispatch at the push of a button.

Medical Alert is also decorated with an A+ rating from the Better Business.

Key Features

Medical Alert, as the name implies, provides systems that protect those at risk of injuring themselves with wearable devices that track their location, allow for easy emergency dispatch, and even detect when a fall has occurred. This location tracking and emergency responders are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are different systems to suit different lifestyles, whether you primarily stay at home, enjoy being active in the yard, or are a big traveler. In terms of wearable devices, you can also select a pendant, bracelet or clip-on, depending on your desired level of comfort and style.

The different medical alert systems offered by Medical Alert include:

At Home Landline

You’ll get protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will get help at the push of a button. Two-way speaker communication puts you in touch with our Emergency Response Operators and gets you whatever help you need.


At Home No Landline

This system offers the same coverage offered in the At Home Landline, but unlike the At Home Landline system, this system wirelessly connects you to their Emergency Response Operators in any emergency you may have.


On the Go

Whether you’re at home, in your yard or anywhere else out in public, Medical Alert’s On the Go system gives you GPS location services and the best fall detection available. With Fall Detection technology, your Medical Alert bracelet or necklace automatically senses a fall and contacts you through the two-way voice system so you can speak with an operator. If you are unable to respond, they’ll dispatch emergency services to your location.


If you’re not sure what system is best for you, you can also take Medical Alert’s free assessment quiz online to find out what monitoring services, devices and plans would be best for you.

Plus, setting up your system is as easy as wearing your monitoring device, plugging the base into a wall outlet, connecting the phone cord (if you’re using the At Home Landline system, and then turning it on.

Then, regardless of the kind of system you purchase, using your Medical Alert system is easy as following these three steps:

  1. Push your button: In the case of an emergency where assistance or medical attention is required, just press your Medical Alert button and you’ll be connected immediately to one of their operators through their Two-Way Voice System.
  2. Talk to Medical Alert: Their dedicated, supportive operator determines the exact help you need. Medical Assistance will be Dispatched.
  3. Get help: Their operator will make sure you get the aid you need and even stay in communication until help arrives.

Medical Alert also offers a way for loved ones, friends, and caregivers to keep an eye on those using a Medical Alert system through their mobile app, Medical Alert Connect. With the app, you can:


Medical Alert uniquely charges no fees for activation or basic monitoring equipment. They also don’t require any long-term commitment and support a variety of payment options.

Outside of this, the individual pricing for their different plans can be found below.

At Home Landline

At Home No Landline

On the Go

Free shipping is included in all of their Semi-Annual and Annual plans, and they offer a free lockbox in all of their Annual plans. And to see if your system is right for your needs, you can also take advantage of Medical Alert’s 30-day risk-free trial.


Medical Alert offers a no-nonsense, medical alert solution for both those needing coverage inside their home and those needing coverage outside of their home. Their wide variety of systems ensure that you’re taken care of no matter what your lifestyle is, and their plug-in-and-play approach to their wearable devices and monitoring services eliminate any room for confusion.

It also helps that through their mobile app, loved ones and caretakers can tune in at any point and keep an eye on Medical Alert subscribers for an extra level of protection.

To see if Medical Alert offers a system catered to your needs, you can check out their website and fill out their free online assessment quiz in under a minute.