LiefeStation Review

LifeStation is a company that's been providing medical alert services to Americans since 1977. They offer wearable devices with such features as wireless GPS tracking, fall detection, 24/7 monitoring and automatic checkups in the case of an emergency.

LifeStation also boasts a highly positive customer review profile, receiving accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as a “Great” 4.2/5 rating on Trustpilot based on 849 customer reviews.

Key Features

LifeStation’s medical alert system consists of wearable devices and wireless GPS tracking that can cover both inside your home and outside of it.

Getting assistance with a LifeStation medical alert system is as simple as following these three steps:

  1. Press your help button: A signal is sent to their monitoring center when you press your button.
  2. Get assistance: A TMA certified care specialist will answer your call within seconds.
  3. Help is on the way: If necessary, family, friends, neighbors, or EMS will come to help.

And to give people exactly the kind of coverage they need, LifeStation’s medical alert services are broken up into two categories: In Home and Mobile LTE. In home service covers you inside your home whereas Mobile LTE covers you when you’re out in public.

Below is a quick description of what you get with In Home coverage compared to Mobile LTE coverage.

In Home

With a range of up to 1000 ft, you can get help in your home and in your yard. If you don’t have a landline, LifeStation also offers home service that works wirelessly. In Home coverage offers such features as:

Mobile LTE

Mobile LTE coverage runs on the fastest, most reliable network, uses their award-winning monitoring center, is fully waterproof, and comes with an enhanced suite of tools for loved ones & caregivers. In Home coverage offers such features as:

Plus, Mobile LTE also supports Alexa. This means finding a family is as easy as saying aloud “Alexa, Locate Mom”.

While you can purchase all the necessary equipment and services yourself, if you’re unsure what equipment and services you need, you can either call LifeStation directly and speak with a qualified consultant, or you can complete a quick online form and one of their consultants will contact you to complete the order process.


LifeStation’s plans vary in price according to how much coverage they offer. In Home plans are also priced differently from Mobile LTE plans.

A full breakdown of all of LifeStation’s plans can be found below.

In Home

Standard: $21.95/month / $30.95/month (In Home No Landline)

Select: $26.95/month / $35.95 (In Home No Landline)

Supreme: $36.95/month / $45.95 (In Home No Landline)

Mobile LTE

Standard: $37.95/month

Select: $42.95/month

Supreme: $47.95/month


Whether you’re looking for protection for yourself, a family member, or anyone else suffering from a potentially debilitating chronic illness, LifeStation offers plenty of different medical alert plans that can keep you protected in, around and outside of your home.

Plus, their BBB accreditation and customer review rating on Trustpilot also indicate that customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their LifeStation service. It also doesn’t hurt that their plans start at just $21.95/month.

You can either check out their different plans yourself or take less than a minute to fill out their online form to see what kinds of protection LifeStation can offer you.