How to Choose a Medical Alert Device

A medical alert device is an excellent tool for anyone who’s worried about their health and safety. Whether you’re a senior who needs to be concerned about potential falls or someone with health problems who lives alone, a medical alert device can keep you connected to emergency help at all times.

And medical alert devices provide both safety and security. You’ll never need to worry about getting help for yourself or a loved one if a medical alert device is present. But there’s one tough decision you need to make about medical alert devices: which one is best for your needs?

There are so many different medical alert devices and systems available today. And it isn’t easy to determine which are the best of the bunch. With different features, service options, and prices, it can be difficult to compare and decide which is the right choice.

If you’re trying to decide which medical alert device is the one you should buy, here’s how you can narrow down your options and make the search easier.

Determine What You Want and Need

When you first begin looking at medical alert devices, you’ll discover every option is different. While they have a lot of similarities, each works in its own way, includes different features and services, and offers a specific type of help.

So, before you start narrowing down your options, you’ll need to ask yourself what’s most important to you. What do you want from a medical alert device? What do you need most?

Ask yourself the following questions to figure out what you’re actually looking for.

Home-Based or Mobile?

There are two types of medical alert devices: ones that work off your landline phone at home, and ones that work on a cellular network so you can take them on the go.

Before you can choose a medical alert device, you need to decide whether you want the convenience of a mobile device or the reliability of a home-based device. Home-based devices feature a wearable device that connects you to emergency dispatchers via a base unit in your home. Mobile devices feature a similar wearable device, but you can make calls right from the device itself.

Monitored or Unmonitored?

You also have two choices in the type of service medical alert devices offer. You can either choose a monitored device or an unmonitored device.

With a monitored device, you have 24/7 access to an emergency dispatch center. Anytime you need medical help – if you slip, if you fall, if you have a medical emergency – you’ll immediately be connected to a professional who will send emergency medical services to your location.

With an unmonitored device, you only have access to personal emergency contacts. When an emergency happens, an unmonitored medical alert device will allow you to call any programmed emergency numbers with the push of a button. These numbers are usually friends or family members.

What Features Are Most Important?

Medical alert devices come with a wide range of different features. And in order to make your device as helpful and beneficial as possible, you’ll want to make sure the features your chosen device offers are ones you’ll use.

You should determine which features you’d like, such as the following options:


How Much Do You Want to Pay?

Lastly, price plays an important role in choosing a medical alert device. Price can determine what features are included with a device, and it can also determine whether or not your device is monitored or unmonitored.

After doing some initial research into medical alert devices and what’s available, set a budget for yourself. Decide how much you’d like to spend, either on the full price of the device and any monitoring or for monthly plans and packages.

Find the Best Medical Alert Device for Your Needs

With these tips, you can better search for and compare the many different medical alert devices available. And you’ll be sure to choose a device that’s best for you, your safety, and your health needs.

In addition to considering different aspects of different medical alert devices before you begin shopping, you should also do your research. Look for the best medical alert devices available – those with the best reviews and high ratings from other customers. Then, you can compare these top choices and determine which might be the perfect medical alert device for your unique needs.