Marley Spoon Review

Imagine Martha Stewart delivering home-cooked meals right to your doorstep.

While she may not be the one delivering your package, Martha and Marley Spoon is Martha Stewart’s official meal delivery service.

Martha and Marley Spoon break down the complexity of home cooking by creating 5-star recipes, constructing easy-to-follow recipe cards, and delivering everything to your front door for an affordable price.

All ingredients are seasonal, fresh, and sourced from trusted suppliers, and members of Martha & Marley Spoon can expect 20 brand new recipes to choose from each week.

What does it take to be a Martha Steward-endorsed meal delivery service featured in such publications as The New York Times?

We broke down our overview of Martha and Marley Spoon into the following bite-sized sections:

How It Works

From ordering your meals online to having them steaming on your kitchen table, here are the three steps to using Martha and Marley Spoon:


The price you pay with Martha and Marley Spoon depends on two main preferences: the number of people you’re buying for and how many meals per week you’d like to receive.

To give you an idea of what comes with each option, Martha and Marley Spoon defines their preferences in the following ways:

Here are the prices for the Two People preference:

2 meals per week @ $10.25 per portion + $8.99 shipping = a total of $49.99 per week.

3 meals per week @ $8.99 per portion + $8.99 shipping = a total of $62.93 per week.

4 meals per week @ $8.49 per portion + $8.99 shipping = a total of $76.91 per week.

Here are the prices for the Four People preference (more portions per meal):

2 meals per week @ $8.49 per portion + $8.99 shipping = a total of $76.91 per week.

3 meals per week @ $7.49 per portion + $8.99 shipping = a total of $98.87 per week.

4 meals per week @ $6.99 per portion + $8.99 shipping = a total of $120.83 per week.

Features / What You Get

Regardless of which preference you choose above, each box comes with the following three things:

Martha and Marley spoon always source what’s in season to ensure you cook with the freshest fruits and vegetables and work with trusted suppliers to deliver quality fish, poultry, and meat to your table.

Whether it’s grass-fed beef, Berkshire pork, or antibiotic-free chicken, they source as high-quality protein as possible.

Something that separates them from other similar meal delivery services is that they also partner with small-batch producers who make one-of-a-kind products with local ingredients.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that while Martha and Marley Spoon provides most of the required ingredients for your recipes, you will still need some basics like oil and salt.

Fortunately, they’ll let you know when you place your order if you need any additional ingredients.

Even though Martha and Marley Spoon chefs offer 20+ new diverse recipes every week, consisting of a mix of vegetarian, fish and meat options, they do not yet offer a full menu fitting to specific allergies or diets (aside from vegetarian).

They do, however, make all ingredients and allergens in their recipes easily accessible on their website here: You can also see this information when you are selecting your recipes in your own account.

Essentially, it’s up to you to do your own research and choose recipes that fit with your preferences and needs.

Also keep in mind that when you place your weekly orders, you can choose to have all of your meals be vegetarian.


Martha and Marley Spoon offer what’s called a “Flexible Subscription”.

A flexible subscription means you decide which weeks to receive Marley Spoon deliveries, and you only pay for what you receive. You can choose which weeks you want meals delivered, and you can even plan up to two months in advance.

You can also pause your subscription, change delivery frequency, choose different recipes, and change the number of portions you’d like to receive at any time.


Martha and Marley Spoon delivers to most of the United States.

What day and what time you receive your deliveries depends on your location.

You can see which days are available for delivery in your area by providing Martha and Marley Spoon with your ZIP code.

To ensure that your ingredients stay fresh across their entire journey all the way until they reach your kitchen, meals are packed with ice packs and insulated liners.

Even with these insulated packages, Martha and Marley Spoon still recommends that you cook your dishes as soon as possible.

To be specific, they recommend that you cook your seafood dishes within 1-2 days, ground meat and chicken within 2-3 days, and other meat and veggie dishes within 3-5 days.


Martha and Marley Spoon offers everything the legendary Martha Steward is known for – inspired recipes, curated ingredients, smart preparation – and condenses it into an affordable experience for your very own kitchen.

Rediscover the thrill of home-cooking by signing up for Martha and Marley Spoon today!