Hungryroot Review

Founded in 2015, Hungryroot is a delivery service you can use to have groceries and healthy, chef-inspired meals delivered to your home on a recurring basis. Most meals can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. The company automatically fills your weekly grocery and meal cart based on your provided health goals and needs. You can also manually choose groceries and meals that accommodate certain diets, allergies, and lifestyles, including vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, gluten-free.

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Pros and Cons of Hungryroot



What Does Hungryroot Offer?

At its root (no pun intended), Hungryroot is a food delivery service. This general term is important because it’s not quite a meal delivery service and it’s not quite a grocery delivery service. It’s somewhere in between. Depending on the groceries you order, you’re provided with recipe plans (if you choose) detailing how to turn your groceries into meals. As of right now, Hungryroot doesn’t offer pre-made meals, but they do have “Ready to Eat” options.

The service’s grocery selection is likely one of the healthiest you’ll find, with nutritious options for the following categories:

Within these categories, you’ll find plenty of grass-fed, non-GMO, and organic options. When it comes to Hungryroot’s 3,000+ recipes, the following types of meals are available:

Plus, with recipes, you can narrow your search to show only those fitting certain diets, allergies, and lifestyles. Specifically, you can narrow your search using the following filters:

You can also narrow your search based on cook time (five or ten minutes), serving size (two or four people), caloric requirements (500 calories or less), and protein type (beef, chicken/turkey, seafood, and plant-based). With this level of customizability, Hungryroot makes it very easy to order groceries and meals that cater to your lifestyle.

Making things even more convenient, you can also let Hungryroot automatically pick groceries for you based on your specific health goals or dietary requirements. To understand these goals and requirements, Hungryroot asks you to fill out a quiz when first signing up (you can find more details on this quiz in the section below). Automatic grocery selection isn’t necessary, however. For those who prefer to do their own shopping, you can also choose the individual groceries you want to have delivered.

What to Expect on the Site

Signing up for Hungryroot takes just a few minutes and is as easy as following the prompts. After providing some basic contact information, you’ll be asked to take a quiz to determine what groceries Hungryroot will select for you.

This quiz asks you about your health goals, dietary needs, how many people you’re feeding, and what you typically like to eat for dinner. Based on your answers, Hungryroot will then select suitable grocery items and recipes serving your needs and preferences.

Once your account is set up, you can customize your delivery schedule, alter your grocery selection, and make any other changes from your account dashboard. When you’re ready, you can officially start your delivery. Once the order is in, your groceries will be shipped in recyclable, temperature-controlled packaging in accordance with your delivery schedule.

If left uninterrupted, your groceries will automatically arrive on a recurring basis. However, if something changes, you can pause, hold, or cancel your order at any time. You’ll also receive prompt notification if any of your grocery items have been replaced (not enough organic spinach, for example).


How much you pay for your food will depend on a number of different factors, including the specific grocery items you choose, serving size, and so on. That said, their smallest plan starts at $59.94, consisting of three two-serving meals.

Shipping is $6.99 for plan sizes that are less than $70. To qualify for free shipping, your plan must cost $70 or more.

The Bottom Line

Hungryroot is a good solution for the modern working person with limited time to make healthy decisions. With automatic delivery to your door, preset grocery selection based on your preferences and health goals, and most recipes taking no more than ten minutes to make, Hungryroot is a convenient, affordable, and long-term solution to eating well.

Plus, with groceries and meals catering to just about every diet and allergy under the sun, you’re bound to find a plan that works for you. For a grocery/meal delivery service you don’t have to feel guilty about, Hungryroot is a great option.