Freshology Review: Meal Delivery Service

Freshology is a meal delivery service powered by Diet-To-Go that sends healthy, affordable meals to your doorstep. Like other Freshology reviews, we found that the company has even more to offer for those looking to get healthy. Beyond this core service, Freshology also provides professional support to help with the transition to a healthy eating lifestyle that can be maintained.

Let’s take a closer look at everything Freshology offers, so you can get a complete picture of the meal delivery service.

Pros and Cons of Freshology



What Does Freshology Offer?

Freshology delivers fresh, low-calorie, and nutritionally balanced meals. All meals are cooked and prepared by top-rated chefs in a USDA-certified kitchen. So, the company takes the prep work out of eating healthy — no grocery shopping, no meal prep, no cooking.

Freshology wants to help people meet their individual health goals. To do so, Freshology offers four menus that serve different goals:

Balance Menu

Balance Diabetes Menu

Keto-Carb30 Menu

Vegetarian Menu

So, depending on your diet restrictions and personal goals, Freshology has options. Unfortunately, as other Freshology reviews also pinpoint as a drawback, Freshology doesn’t offer a menu that’s designed to be gluten-free or vegan. However, Freshology does allow you to customize your menu, so you can check out sample menus to see if one of its menus could work for you.

Additionally, Freshology offers support to help you succeed. As a Freshology customer, you have access to a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and certified health coach. Since the company believes that support is a crucial component of keeping customers motivated, Freshology offers resources and programs.

What To Expect on the Site

Once you know which menu best suits your needs, click on the “Order Now” button. To get started, Freshology takes you through a few steps:

  1. Verify Freshology Delivers Where You Live: The company first asks for your ZIP code. If it delivers to your area, then it’ll ask you to continue.
  2. Choose Your Menu: Choose your preferred menu and a few specifics, including whether you want two or three meals per day.
  3. Provide Your Delivery Details: At this point, Freshology asks for your name, contact information, and delivery address.
  4. Enter Your Payment Information: Now, Freshology asks for your credit card information and automatically applies any available coupons.
  5. Personalize Your Menu: Finally, Freshology gives you the opportunity to personalize your menu and select your meals.

After that, Freshology delivers your selections right to your door. If you’d prefer to pick up your meals, then the company does provide that option in certain cities:

Compared to some competitors, Freshology’s website isn’t the most user-friendly. As sometimes noted in other Freshology reviews, it’s a bit cumbersome that you need to pick a plan and complete your information before selecting your meals. In order to provide a preview, the website does let you take a look at sample menus, though.


Since the price varies depending on the menu you select and how many meals you want per week, the best way to get pricing information is to go through the sign-up process. As you complete the online form, Freshology displays an estimated price for your selections to the right of the webpage. For example, if you’re a woman who lives in Washington state and wants meals from the Balance Menu five days a week, then Freshology estimates a price of $121.99 per week. There’s also a shipping fee of $19.98.

The Bottom Line

Freshology offers meals catering to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. It also provides support from dietary and nutritional experts to help customers achieve long-term success. While it’s a bit pricey compared to some competitors and its website could provide more information, Freshology has a lot to like for those looking for a way to implement healthy eating habits.

For these reasons, those interested in a program designed to help with weight loss may want to include Freshology in their search for top meal delivery services.