Meal Prep Delivery Services: Top 3 Benefits

This past year, among other things, was a case study in the power of home delivery. With limited ability to leave our homes, more and more people depended on delivery services to get the essentials quickly and safely. This was especially the case for food. While meal prep delivery services certainly existed pre-pandemic, the need for them skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Now, even with dine-in restaurant capacities increasing once again, the benefits of these services have many people sticking with them. Some services focus on being budget-friendly, while others focus on getting healthy. Others emphasize convenience or organic ingredients. So, no matter your goals or needs, there’s likely a meal delivery company that caters to them.

Given the variety of meal prep delivery services, they’ve proven to be some of the most convenient and affordable meal options on the market. To give you a better idea of why these companies continue to be so popular, and whether or not they might be a good option for you, let’s take a closer look at the top three benefits.

Meal Prep Delivery Can Help You Get Healthy

At some point in our lives, many of us have wanted to change something about our lifestyle. But, whether it’s food choices, exercise, or otherwise, meeting personal goals takes a lot of discipline. As is often the case, the business of life can get in the way of implementing new habits.

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: you finish up a long day at work, you look in your fridge for dinner options, and you see nothing but empty shelves. Now, one option is to put your shoes back on, motivate yourself to get to the grocery store, and then come back home only to spend another hour making dinner. Another option is to grab that takeout menu stuck to your fridge and get an unhealthy meal delivered to your door in 15 minutes flat.

Unfortunately, convenience almost always prevails. This is where meal prep can really be a lifesaver, as you never have to worry about not having healthy food options around. With so many services available, it’s easy to find services that cater to your specific goal. Whether you want to lose weight, follow a certain diet (keto, vegan, etc.), or generally increase how many fresh, clean meals you eat, meal prep delivery services can help make that happen.

With your meals delivered beforehand, no matter how busy you are, you can simply open up your fridge and grab a meal that’s perfectly tailored to your goals. Even if you choose a service that delivers the necessary ingredients instead of the meal itself, most meal kits can be put together in less than half an hour.

Meal Prep Delivery Can Help You Save Money

When you think about meal delivery services, you might think it would be more expensive than making food at home. After all, chefs — esteemed chefs in many cases —put together your meals for you. Plus, the meal delivery company packages your meals and ships them to your home. However, these types of services can actually be cheaper than takeout or dining out.

For instance, consider that the average household spends about $3,000 per year eating at restaurants. Now, compare that to the cost of meal delivery companies. Depending on which service you select, the price typically ranges from $8 to $12 per meal. So, if you have four meals per week delivered to your home for $10 each, that would be $160/month or $1,920/year.

While that may not sound rock-bottom cheap, remember you’re getting chef-prepared meals four nights a week for that price. So, meal prep companies can be a more affordable way to get the thrill of trying new and delicious foods that you didn’t have to cook.

Meal Prep Delivery Can Help Expand Your Horizons

When doing your own grocery shopping, especially if you’re on a tight budget, it’s easy to fall back on the same basics week after week; chili on Monday, tacos on Tuesday, you know the drill. If you love the routine of having the same meals every week, then that’s great. But for those looking for a way to branch out of their weekly rotation, meal delivery companies are a great option.

Because most services have a rotating menu that changes weekly, you can easily treat yourself to different kinds of cuisine from all around the world. Plus, as we noted earlier, while regularly trying these meals at high-end restaurants might cost you a fortune, trying them through a delivery service can be more budget-friendly.

In the end, you’re left with new, delicious, and expertly made meals each week. If you want to really lean into the restaurant experience, then you can turn your home into a romantic restaurant worthy of date night.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, whether or not a meal delivery service is for you depends on your lifestyle and goals. If you’re busy, then it can be an absolute game-changer. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen, you simply need to heat up your meal. Similarly, it can help make it easier to stick to healthy eating habits. And, of course, you can experience chef-prepared dishes every week without breaking the bank. In other words, meal delivery services can improve your life.