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Does Their Menu Change Consistently?

You probably don’t want to eat the exact same thing every week.

That’s why it’s important to prioritize meal delivery services that update their menu on a weekly basis. In some cases, you can even see what’s coming on the menu weeks ahead of time to have something to look forward to. Additionally, many companies have pre-made dinner and lunch menus — some even have breakfast options! 

What Price Points Do They Offer?

Like with just about any purchase, one of your first considerations is probably the cost. However, if you’re considering using a prepared meal delivery service for convenience and price isn’t much of a consideration, this will be less relevant to you.

But if you’re considering using a pre-made meal delivery service to try to spend less money on good food, then there’s a simple experiment you can use to see if it’s worth switching.

Firstly, track every meal you eat for one week, both from groceries and take out. Then, tally up how much those meals cost you.

Next, go to the meal delivery service you’re considering, check how much it costs to order that same amount of meals from them, and see if it’s cheaper than what you spent on groceries and takeout.

If it’s cheaper, great! That means it’s probably worth switching over. If it’s not cheaper, it might be worth looking at another meal delivery service. 

But we bet you’ll find that most online meal delivery companies are more affordable than you think. For example, many services have kits starting at less than $5 per serving.  You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy top pre-made meal delivery services. 

What Serving Size Options Do They Offer?

You probably know how much food it takes to satisfy you in one sitting.

When choosing a meal delivery service, research the portion size options they offer and make sure they’re substantial enough to fill you up. If they’re too small, then you might be forced to order more meals per week, which will up your costs.

Also, if you have more mouths to feed than just your own, prioritize meal delivery services that offer family serving sizes. One example of a service that offers great family options is Sun Basket.

And on the flip side, if you’re cooking for one, then you’ll want to select a meal delivery company that doesn’t have a two-serving minimum per recipe. Similarly, seniors interested in getting meals delivered should consider this point if they live alone. 

Do They Offer Plans for Specific Dietary Preferences of People With Allergies?

If you follow any strict diet or suffer from certain dietary restrictions you’ll want to prioritize meal delivery services that cater to these needs.

Fortunately, even with services that don’t offer specific menus, most services do accompany their meals with ingredients, allergen, and nutrition info. In this sense, you can still enjoy non-diet-specific menus as long as you do your research and pick meals that suit your needs.

You can also sort the menu of most prepared meal delivery services by diet. This can help you find meals that fit with your needs, even if the meals aren’t tagged specifically as “Paleo” or “Keto”.

For example, Home Chef allows you to sort through their menu by categories such as “Soy Free’”, “Without MIlk”, and “Carb Conscious”.

Where Do They Get Their Ingredients From?

If you’re going to be eating their food every single week, you may want to know where they source their ingredients.

For example, is it from local providers? How do they approach welfare? Do they prioritize organic and non-GMO ingredients? If they don’t specifically highlight this information, you can usually find it in the FAQ section of the company’s website.

Are They Flexible?

Check to see if there is any commitment required when considering using a meal delivery service.

For example, find out if you’re able to change any of the following after initially signing up:

What Are Their Delivery Options?

You likely won’t accidentally sign up for a meal delivery service that doesn’t deliver to your area due to the fact that most services check your zip code when you first sign up.

However, it’s still a good idea to check that your area is covered by their delivery (and what days and times they are able to deliver to your specific area).

You can usually find this information on any given meal delivery service’s FAQ page.

What Is the Best Meal Delivery Service?

Since there are so many meal subscription boxes to choose from, how do you know which is the best meal service for you? Before placing an online order, you can use these questions to help you decide if it’s the company for you: 

Now you’re all set to choose the best company for your needs. Once you place your order, delicious ready-to-eat meals will be delivered to your doorstep.